Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Must be one heck of a tale!!!

Tick tock...says the clock 
It's time to log in those names 
the names of all the good boys and girls
 and of course the naughty ones as well. 

Far up in the North Pole there is a hustling and a bustling going on. Christmas is not so far away and there is so much work to be done. JJ...the little keeper of the book is extremely busy with all the tales he has to tell. What book you ask? The Naughty and Nice book...oh's real!!! JJ learns of stories, good and bad, of all the little children all around the world. Once he knows the stories, he jots down the child's name on the Christmas list ledger and rushes to Santa to tell him the tale that will let him make the decision of which column that must be checked. 

JJ finds Santa sitting in his favorite chair in his cozy, warm reading corner and climbs upon some books so he will be close enough to whisper the stories directly into Santa's ear. The first tale is one that will surely delight his boss and sure enough all around the Pole you can hear Santa's laughter as he rares back to let out a huge belly shakin roar. 

Santa and JJ are the latest in my Santa series for 2012. If you have been following along with my WIP post and photos then I hope you will be happy with how he turned out. This piece sits right at 10 inches...from base to the wispy tips of Santa's hair. The base is a piece of pine that I gently etched into to make it look like an old worn wooden floor. It was then white washed with off white and green acrylic paints.

Poor JJ he thinks he has to SHOUT so we can hear him...hehe!!! Santa's vintage rattan chair, ottoman and books are permanently attached to the base. 

JJ is standing with one foot on the book and one foot up on the chair arm. Santa is helping to brace him so he doesn't fall. JJ is carrying the latest Christmas List Ledger in his leather satchel and will give it to Santa to check off once he has told him all of the tales. (ledger is actually permanently attached to the inside of his we will just pretend that he gives it to Santa)  JJ stands right at 6 inches and is one of my wire armatures wrapped in wool yarn. His face, hands and feet were hand sculpted and then attached to the armature. His costume is completely  hand sewn and he is wearing tiny little felt elf booties.

Santa, if standing would be 10 inches. He is one of my wire armatures wrapped in a soft muslin body. His face, hands and feet were also hand sculpted. His costume is completely hand sewn and he is wearing hand stitched leather booties. His glasses are hand twisted wire.

I am so proud of how this piece turned out and am so hoping that during the Christmas event he will be attending that someone will adopt him and take him home for years of enjoyment. 

Until next time..........HUGS,

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