Monday, September 17, 2012

Treasure Galore!!!

It's MONDAY...can ya believe it? The weekend just kinda, sorta, swooshed on pass. Hope yours was a good one. I know that mine was...I found TREASURES on Saturday!!!

Our local National Guard has about two yard sales a year and we always find such interesting items. See the two pieces of fabric? They will make wonderful Santa capes...don't ya think? Actually the deep red will make several traditional Santa suites. I already have some white faux fur to trim them in. I know that the other piece is a bit BRIGHT but I love making capes that are different and unique for the jolly ole elf to wear.  I mean...ppplease...can you imagine having to wear red....every...single...year. ^_^

I'm thinking of making a few Santa heads and the candle holders will make perfect bases. Don't you think Santa would look so festive sitting on a mantel among several different heights of candles. The chest I plan on painting Santa's toy shop on and perhaps make a few vintage toys to place inside. The wooden doll stands I'm so happy I found....don't think I need to tell ya what I will use those for..hehe!!

I couldn't believe the luck in finding this vintage bracelet....well..actually the hubbikins found it. Aren't I GOOOD? I have trained taught him to look for props and things to use with my art. Of course, I'm going to take it apart and I'm thinking one link will make a beautiful belt buckle for Santa or even a broach that pins his cape at the neck. So many possibilities!!

This is the one thing that I am sooo happy that we found. Isn't it a beautiful sleigh? Can you see Santa sitting in it with his bag overflowing with toys for the good girls and boys? Oh yes...a great find for sure.

Sunday afternoon was a quite one. I made the little elf that goes with my latest Santa piece. Well, ok he is singing THAT song "I AINT'T GOT NOOOO BODY" but at least I sculpted his head, hands and feet and got them baked. Santa's head, hands and feet were baked too. I hope to get their armatures made so I can keep the singing down to a minimum.

So what was YOUR weekend like? Thank you for stopping by to visit....ya know I LOVE your visits!!!

Until next time................HUGS,

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