Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Seems I have a little helper ^_^

My latest Santa piece is coming along and hopefully I will get it finished this week. Whew...I'm getting so slow but at least I can still work so no complaining. Friday, I found out that I have Ulnar Nerve Entrapment at the elbow...Cubital Tunnel Syndrome. They wanted me to do physical therapy but since I have no way to get there I couldn't do it so they gave me some exercises to do at home and if not better then I am to call back. Fingers crossed they help!! Now back to Santa...hehe!!

I got the little elf completed and am now working on his little leather satchel. I'm putting black seed beads on the sides and then I'm going to put some dangles on the upper side by the straps. The check list of the naughty and nice list that need to be recorded in "THE BOOK" will be in his bag. Next, I'm going to paint the floor motif on the wooden base and then hopefully get this piece all put together and finished. YEA!!

I thought I had a ghost in the room with me while working..hehe!! I keep my supplies in the drawers of my desk and the bottom left one kept coming open. I would close it and it would open again after awhile. Not much but enough that I knew something was up. When I looked closer I noticed that there was ribbon poking out of the draw and POOF..there was my ghost...which wasn't a ghost at all but my sweet Li'l cat, Ms Peaches. Seems I have a little helper....or a little mischief maker!! ^_^  I took some time to stop and play...she is getting old so I love when she acts like a "kitten" again.

When the drawer was opening..see why now..hehe

"Who MEEE...I no do it...ok ok me do it"

Purrrrrfectly happy cat

Until next time............Hugs,
Regi (and Ms Peaches)

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  1. Santa is really coming along and he is soooo cute. Your helper hmmmm cute too.
    Crossed fingers