Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!

OMGOSH...I am dancing all around with joy and glee!!! I have not been able to post since my last post on Tuesday. It was on Tuesday, ri iight? Yes..I think it was. Whatever.....I can post now...YEA!!  For some unknown reason my blog didn't want to be bothered apparently. That or my muse had some plan to keep me from posting so that I would continue to keep working on my jewelry and Santa piece. NOW..that I would believe...little minx!!! Ha

Let me catch you up with just what I have been working on since Tuesday. Let's start with my jewelry pieces, shall we.

I knew it was going to happen eventually.....two of my muse's souls were going to come out and play at the same time. This piece is evidence of that. Mermaid meets Bohemian.

Here's one of my keepsake necklaces. One that pulls the Gulf of Mexico into the Atlantic. Well...the two oceans don't really come together but this pieces holds a treasure from each. The tiny vial holds sand and a shell from one of our beach walkabouts and the pretty piece of glass is a piece of sea glass a friend sent me from Oregon.

Another keepsake necklace but this one has a very pretty piece of crackled quartz. The tiny vial holds some of our sand along with tiny pieces of sea glass. The little turtle charm is one of my handmade clay ones that I covered with German glass to make it look like the little guy was crawling in the sand. Love our turtles!!!

It seems I have a little bit of pirate in me soul too. Arrgg maties...ready to wear a lucky skull? It is lucky...well..for YOU it will be. I guess it wasn't so much so for this ancient pirate. I'm loving using my tiny vials with some of our sand enclosed in them. Of course, I had to put a stone with this fella...a black onyx!!

I've been working on a new Santa piece these past few days too. Isn't he handsome? Say yes...Santa is listening!! ^_^  This piece is going to have Santa with a few of his elves. Apparently one of them said something that Santa found quiet amusing.

I just finished his hands a little bit ago. I'm hoping to get them baked tonight so I can start on his armature. I really like taking WIP photos. I get to show you what I'm working on AND it gives me a chance to see them in a different perspective. I see some areas I need to work on before they are baked. Mrs. Claus will be very happy that Santa has his wedding ring on. (I forgot to put one on the last one....I bet one of the elves had it)

I am so happy that I finally was able to post and share with you. I miss ya'll when I can't talked to ya'll. Now, go and have an awesome weekend. Mine will be spent at home since the Chazman isn't feeling very good. Poor baby....bad cold!!

Until next time...........HUGS,


  1. Gorgeous!! I just bought two necklaces, one for me and one for my best friend. Thank you!!!!

  2. Those necklaces are so cool! I love that you have the little vial of sand along with the sweet treasures (and of course I love the pirate skull - haha!). I hope the Chazman feels better soon. (And I'm glad Santa found his ring. :) Happy weekend! xox

  3. You are fricken amazing and so busy too.
    Crossed Fingers