Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A little under the weather..ahhhhemmmm!!!

Not to much to post about today. It's raining and just a blah day which makes already feeling blah even more so of a blah day. So...BLAHHHHH!!! HEHE...not complaining though, at least the good Lord let me rise and almost shine today. ^_^

My muse apparently was feeling the blahs herself as she didn't bounce around and whisper in my ear so I just didn't do to much of anything today except to rest. I did manage to visit a few blogs this morning, that always makes me feel better...seeing what everyone else is up to. The Beading Gem's Journal had a cute post today about bookmarks. I LOVE making bookmarks of all kinds and she showed some cute ones today. I am always reading something (actually will have a few books going at a time...I know...that can get confusing but my mind is a jumble already so no worries) and am always losing misplacing my bookmarks. I decided to try and make the cat and mouse that Pearl had shown today. (Just for my use) The artist name is Marcsi and she has a cute Etsy shop called TuranianWalk.

Aren't these cute? Marcsi used a heavier wire but since the ones I made are just for me then I used my thin memory wire. Hard to work with for bookmarks but I had some and I so need to use it. ^_^

If you go to Pearl's post then you will see that mine are a tad bit different. I didn't want to copy Marcsi's work but I did like her idea of a cat and mouse.

Once I did the cat and mouse, I thought about making a heart one...ok..as you can see, I actually made two heart ones. I do believe that I'm going to get a heavier wire and make some for Christmas gifts. Not to bad for thinking on my own in a BLAHHHH mood, eh?

Until next time..........Hugs,

Ohhhh, don't forget to go visit Pearl at her blog and Marcsi at her shop. Pearl always has some amazing post!!!


  1. I see you have been inspired! Memory wire is really tough to bend so you did well to make your bookmarks!

    1. Awww thanks Pearl. It is hard to bend but it's the only wire I had to work with today. Ohhh, the things us quirky artist do...LOL!!

  2. Those're some promising pieces there. :)
    Thanks, Marcsi