Friday, November 30, 2012

Decorating complete...I think ^_^

Happy Friday Morning my sweet friends!! It's suppose to be a beautiful weekend here at the coast and we sure are hoping the weatherperson is right. Gulf Shores is having their annual Christmas parade tomorrow and the Chazman is excited. Heck fire...who am I kidding....I'M EXCITED...I LOVE parades!!!!

I finished the decorating yesterday. Yea, me!! Well....I used all the decorations I had but have to admit that I really want to go and buy some garland and some crystal balls. Nooo...not letting my gypsy soul out..hehe. I want the clear ones so that I can paint them. I want the garland to put around the front door outside and a few other places in the house. It kinda looks NEKKID!!  I haven't bought any new decorations in...OMGOSH...years. It's been YEARS people...years!! I think I just might have to go and buy some...a few anyways.

I showed you apart of the kitchen yesterday when showing you my little bear holding his mistletoe but didn't have everything up so that was as far as ya got. HAHA  Soooo, I guess perhaps I should show you the kitchen today. I collect Christmas mugs and have a very nice collection going, if I must so say myself. Please excuse the dark paneling....we live in a well worn but very loved HOME. The landlord said that I could paint over the paneling and she would even buy the paint but it's going to take A LOT of work but I might break down and do it. MIGHT!! Owwww, I'm getting off my post topic aren't I? Let's go peek at the kitchen.

My cozy little nook in the kitchen looks, well...cozy!! If you click on the picture you can see it a bit bigger. The wreath on the wall holds mugs that represent all my boys 1st Christmas and my hubbikins. (one his mom gave me that he painted when he was a little guy) The one mug hanging on the wall by itself is Santa's very own mug. HEY...Santa has to have milk in a mug to wash down the cookies ya know. The hubbikins says it needs to have something a bit more warming in it than milk but I will not be responsible for Santa walking off the roof or running his reindeer into a chimney. ^_^   See the little tree on the table? It has my copper Christmas cookie cutters hanging on it and there is a Christmas bowl filled with my plastic Christmas cutters. Hanging on the wall above some of my mugs are more cookie cutters. The Chazman and I love to make cookies at Christmas. Ok...that's not the complete truth...we love to make cookies anytime. Cookies are gooood!!

My little mug collection....I LOVE it!!  I started collecting them on the Chazman's first Christmas so I need to find one for this Christmas.

Now for the Chazman's room. I want to add some of the new garland that I'm going to buy because I haven't bought any new decorations in this shelf. It looks NEKKID too right now. Chaz made the sock snowman last year at school. He is the snow rider...HAHA!! The motorcycle he is riding is one that the hubbikins made Chaz a few years ago. AWESOME, ri iight?  See the necklaces hanging in front of the stockings? The one on the right is a Mardi Gras one but the one on the left is a Christmas one and the Chazman is hoping to add to it after we go to the parade tomorrow. They throw these necklaces off the floats and he is hoping to catch one...again!!

The Chazman's closet door is where we hung his wreath and a BIG stocking. Hummmm, I'm noticing that somehow there are quite a few stockings hanging about. Hopefully, Santa will fill them all. I better put my name and the hubbikins name on at least one of them...we still "BELIEVE". that all the decorating is done, until I go and buy some new decorations because it's been years since I have I'm going to work on my niece's wedding garters and then Li'l Miss LuLu and Santa. I hope that you have something FUN to do today. Enjoy your weekend...I know we will ours!!

Until next time..............Hugs,

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  1. My decoration are up already too - I love this time of the year. Everything all twinkly :)

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity