Friday, November 30, 2012

Wedding garters!!

If you have been visiting (HEY..thanks by the way) then you already know that one of my nieces is getting married in 16 days. (that's counting today...I never am quiet sure how to do's 12-15-12) You also know that I did a pencil/pen drawing of her and the lucky guy on vellum to lay over one of their wedding invitations as a wedding gift. I still have to get a frame for it and probably will when I go buy that garland and those crystal balls. ^_^

I also promised to make her wedding garters for her. I finished them today and I so hope she likes the  shabby chic fabric roses because that's what she got....or is ever you want to say it. HEHE

This will be the one that she keeps. I wish the photo had come out better but it's really getting dark here due to clouds moving in that apparently are going to be bringing rain in that the weatherperson so did not even warn us about.  HA!! It will wait and the bottom will drop out in about 40 minutes. That's the time school gets out and I walk up and get the Chazman. Thank goodness we like to "dance" in the rain. ^_^   Now..what WAS I talking about....oh yes....garters....I used sheer white linen to make the fabric roses and used pearls and tiny glass beads along with a Swarvorski crystal to make the leaves.. The middle flower has a blue crystal to represent "Something Blue". My muse wanted me to add a bit of  faerie to it as well so I used a tiny silver dragonfly. Sooooo hope she loves it!!

Now here's the one that the lucky guy will be throwing...tossing....flipping....whatever it is they do with the garter after the wedding. At least I hope he throws, tosses or flips THIS one. I did one single rose for this one that matches the roses on the first one.

Now...on to the next project...trying to finish Santa and Li'l Miss LuLu ^_^

Until next times....HUGS,

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