Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WIP on Santa 2012 series

It's been a bit CRAZY around here the past few days. The Chazman has the flu (and he is so much like his Daddy when he is sick....BIG OLD GRUMP) and is having a very difficult time dealing with it. I's interferring with his birthday plans (that was on the 13th) and being at school (he LOVES school) and OMGOSH, he just doesn't feel like playing *GULP* his video games much. Ohhhhh....the horrors !!  You see, the Chazman might get a cold here and there or a 24 hour bug but he has never been this sick. Yes...we have been to the ER and called the doctor and they said keep doing what the ER said unless he gets worse. They are trying to keep the kiddos out of the office if at all possible due to the fact we have the flu, strep and a horrible stomach bug making it't rounds. It makes sense....I don't want to expose him to anything else with his immune system already low from the flu/fever.  He is feeling a bit better..and the fever is sitting at much better than the 104.6.

Since he has been resting a good bit I have been sculpting a good bit and putting a Santa together. I moved all of my supplies to the family room so that I can be close to the Chazman while he watches TV or rest on the couch. I have discovered that under no circumstances will I watch "The Ignoring Orange" show with him. It's just plain IGNORING!!! Arggg!! He goes to his room and watches it...thank goodness!! I didn't take any WIP photos of the one I am putting together right now. Well....not right now actually as I am writing this post to YOU...hehe...but I did take a few of the ones I sculpted and have ready to put together.

This one is going to be Santa reading to a little toddler. It seems she did manage to stay awake and catch the big guy coming down the chimney.

Haven't quiet decided just what I am going to do with this one yet. Maybe him sitting down enjoying some cookies left for him.

This one is going to be holding a staff or his bag. My muse is whispering some vintage toys with this guy.

I'm really wanting to get these completed for the events at the Performing Arts gallery Trim-a-Tree and the Christmas open house at the Robin's Nest so that I can work on some for my Etsy shop. Surely, the jolly old soul would get adopted if he was visiting there. *Wink

Until next time..............Hugs,

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