Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas ^_^

Ummmm (taking in a deep breath) orange slices, cinnamon and ginger simmering on the stove....what a great way to get in the Christmas spirit!! Our house is starting to look a lot like Christmas too!!!

I started decorating yesterday in hopes that I would get it all put up by the time the Chazman came home from school. Since I seem to be moving in sloth mode though, it didn't all get put up. He is my sweetheart and hugged me and thanked me for what was accomplished though. Just LUV my lil guy so much!! I'm going to finish today. Oh YES I am. I can..I will...have no fear!!! hehe

Santa greets you when you walk in the front door. I painted him about 20+ years ago and so far the jolly ole elf is holding his own. ^_^  Pssssttt (looking around) on the back of this I painted a Thanksgiving cornucopia. Well....I did and haven't used it in years because I keep putting it in the Christmas decorating box instead of the Thanksgiving decorating box...HAHA...guess I need to just put it in the closet so I can use it for both. 

Once you walk in the front door, you are walking into what some have named "Regi's Bed-n-Breakfast". Yes, I have a bed set up in the sunroom. already know I'm a quirky soul but it works!! I love to sit in the wicker chair in the corner and read...peaceful and quiet.

Here's a close up of the Christmas tree under glass. It belongs to the Chazman and he is so proud of it. His Uncle Chip gave it to him when he had just started walking. Chaz would walk over to the table it was on and just stare at it for the longest time and have the biggest smile on his sweet lil face. His uncle asked if he liked it and when Chaz turned and smiled at him that's all it took. The tree became his. It was a music box but had stopped working long before Chaz got it but he loves it just the same.

Here's the other side of the B&B (hehe). I so need to make a pretty fabric screen to put in front of that a/c don't I?  I wish I had some Christmas would look so festive on my table.

This setting is next to the door that goes into our family room. Santa is smiling to welcome all of our guest!!

Here's our family room. One big room makes up the dining area and the den. I love how our little Christmas corner turned out. Really love all the handmade Chazman ornaments that are beginning to fill up the tree too.

This is the door that goes from the family room into our kitchen. HOLD IT....that's as far as you get to go because I didn't get to the kitchen yesterday. I did get my Santa Bear and two little Santa's in there but there are more decorations to be added. Ya'll will just have to wait to see those on another visit. ^_^

I have Daddy's Santa sitting on the mantle. I have to sit and smile when I walk pass this particular piece. It's very special to me and just brings back very fond memories of Christmas in the past.

I just love this cabinet...I love it BEARY much..HAHA!! I love my hubbikins for letting me turn this into a curio cabinet. Why, you ask? You's really a gun cabinet and it was given to him several years ago by a gentlemen who's father had lived next door to us. Handmade cabinet by the man's father and he gives it to Joseph for helping him move some things. Joseph told him no because he knew it had to be special to him but he said that he had several more at home that his dad had made over the years. I'm glad that WE have it.'s time to go add some orange slices to my "OOHH so good smelling get in the mood" spices simmering on the stove and to finish putting up the decorations. My muse keeps buzzing around my ear reminding me that I still have three Santa pieces to finish. ^_^

Until next time...........HUGS,


  1. HO HO HO! Well, I'll tell you what, I would curl up on that sweet little bed and take a nap! Your house is charming and full of love. What more can one ask for Christmas? :) xox!

  2. ya know you have somewhere to come if ever in my neck of the woods. ^_^ Thank you for the awesome compliment...I like when someone comes to visit and feels our LOVE!!!


  3. Hey stranger! I LOVE your Christmas decor- so festive! We're getting ours out this afternoon and nothing puts me more in the holiday spirit!