Thursday, November 8, 2012

SHOCK...I posted 2 days in a row ^_^

Good golly Miss Molly....don't everyone faint on me now!! I actually posted two days in a row....Yea Me!!

I finally finished the leather boots for big guy (Santa) but I must say I did NOT come out of it unscathed. Ya'll can just call my chin the "pin cushion" from now on. No, really you can cause I actually have tiny holes here and there on it and OUCH, every one hurt like the dickens but his boots look Santatastic!! No more pin cushion chin for this no it will be pin cushion fingers..hehe!!

I thought I would take a break from working on the two Santa characters and work on the blanket the polar bear is going to be wearing. As you can see in the photo, I chose burgundy and off white. I like my design for this piece and am seriously thinking about making a BIG person (human) blanket with it. That will have to be later on though...much later much to do right now. Do you see that stabbing tool needle? That's why I was saying I was going to have pin cushion fingers. I hope not though. I'm going to use the wooden skewer to hold the pieces in place while I felt. Surely, that will keep my fingers safe and band-aide free THIS time. Hopefully!! See the blue beads in the background? I'm going to sew some on the blanket. I love these three colors together for cold weather's just ARCTIC looking. Or at least I think so but then ya'll know what a quirky person I am. ^_^

Ms Peaches is enjoying the sun coming in the back door and with every "OUCH" sound I made she would look at me and I swear she snickered. She did...I just know it!! The sunshine sure does look good though. I might just have to get me a pillow and blanket and stretch out with no much to do..but then again................

Until next time.........Hugs,
Regi (and Ms Peaches)


  1. I have those killer needles and roving, too, but have put it aside because it just hurts too much, lol! The skewer is a great idea--hope it works for you!

  2. I would love-love-love to felt... but like you, I'd end up felting myself lol OUCHIE!