Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Whip it Wednesday..umm I mean WIP Wednesday

Whip it Wednesday came from (you aren't going to believe this) that song. You know it...that crazy song from the 80's. It was on the radio when I was starting my post and I just couldn't resist..hehehe!!!

I'm very excited that I'm not going to miss being in the Trim-a-Tree event here this year after all. I had told the curator at the gallery the end of last month that I wasn't going to have my pieces finished by the 8th (tomorrow folks...that's tomorrow) so I guess I would very sadly miss this year. She said under no certain terms was that going to happen. They have had people come in and ask about my Santa's for this year. Ask about MY Santa pieces by ME...asked about ME. OMGOSH...some folks actually remember me and me work...ummm I mean my work. OK deep breathe...calming down now. Ahhhhhemmmm!!!!  She said that I could bring them in whenever I got them finished. YEA!! I'm going to be busting me hiney to get things finished by next Thursday. That's my goal anyways, she said I had as much time as I needed but to just remember it ended on the 23rd of December.  They asked for MEEEEEEEE!!! OK..sorry, I'm a bit excited!!

These two are coming along nicely. (not as fast as I would like but I'm trying) Li'l Santa got his mittens felted and his boots on. I know that to some the mittens look to big but you have to see past the early stages of designing. Once he is complete...they will be the perfect size. Big guy is coming along too. I'm really proud of his hands (even though some thought they were "creepy" before. YOU know who I'm talking about..not mentioning any names. HAHA) I have to confess something though, his hands aren't really attached yet. I wanted some of YOU to see how they looked. ^_^   I always put them on last. It's much easier to get his clothes on without them on and worrying if I'm going to break a finger or two.

Big guys boots are real leather ones and OMGOSH....hard to sew but well worth the stuck fingers and chin. (Don't ask....just don't even ask) Making boots aren't difficult. I cut three separate pieces as you can see. The bottom piece I glue on and let dry before I start sewing it all together. Much easier not having the bottom slip sliding around ya know!!

Once the bottom has dried, I place the tongue piece on the top of the foot, sew a thread through the back to keep it secure and then take the thread to one side and start a blanket stitch all the way around to the other side.

Once the tongue's sewn on then I take the main boot part, fold a flap over (you can leave it plain or attach fur to it when all the sewing is finished...that I normally just glue on) and start sewing the top back part of the piece using the blanket stitch and once that is complete I blanket stitch it around the side where I started the tongue.

If you have any questions about making your own pair of doll boots just feel free to ask any questions. I LOVE to share and help!! Oh, by the way, I make the felt boots the same way. For variation in how my boots look, sometimes I put the flap in the front and leave it open so it looks like a boot you tie.You know..ones with shoelaces. Well..not real shoelaces..they're to big for my small ooaks...but ribbon or embroidery thread works nicely.

SO that's my WIP it Wednesday. What are you working on? I would love to hear about your work.

Until next time............Hugs,


  1. Isn't that just fantastic? Must be such a lovely feeling, surely you are glowing with pleasure right now. And sorry, can't help myself........ CHIN?? I gotta know! So tell!

  2. You are just amazing. And I love that Whip it song!
    I am back for awhile.
    Crossed Fingers