Thursday, November 15, 2012

Vintage Wicker Sleigh

Well, the Chazman's fever has been gone for 24 hours so he decided he wanted to try and go to school today. It's lunch time and I haven't received a phone call so I'm assuming he is doing good. I hope so, I so hate to see my lil man not his happy, healthy self.

I have been working on the Santa and the wicker sleigh today and am hoping to get him completed by this afternoon. Thought I would share some WIP photos with you and then it's back to work I go.... ^_^

The wicker's probably about 60 years old. I'm going to put some artificial greenery around the handle along with a pretty shimmery green bow. Of course, Santa and his never ending bag of goodies will be sitting in it.

I'm working on Santa's cloak and just need to attach the hood but that's after I apply his hair and beard. He looks handsome sitting in his sleigh!! did that pic get here? OMGOSH...Santa is such a ham!! He is showing off his leather boots and belt buckle. Good grief, I can't turn my back for a second.

Until next time.........Hugs,

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