Monday, November 12, 2012

Santa and the Velveteen Rabbit

Sitting under glass on the top of a shelf, Rose has been waiting for what seems like a 100 years. She has been yearning for a little girl to send Santa a letter requesting a special stuffed bunny to have for her own. Rose wasn't just any stuffed bunny, no sirrie, she was known in the toy shop as the Velveteen Rabbit. A beautiful bunny dressed in a velveteen dress with a hair clip of roses to match. During all the years of sitting and waiting Rose made a friend who was loyal and true. This little friend was a bear named Ted. Yes...Ted E Bear...a silly little clown of a bear. Ted told Santa that he would wait patiently with Rose until her day came to fulfill the wishes of that special little girl because he just couldn't stand knowing Rose was all alone sitting on the top of the shelf.

Rose was very surprised when Santa himself came and took her down off the shelf. Ted E was so happy for her as tears of joy and sadness came flowing down. He was happy that she finally was going to get her own lil child but sad that he would remain behind. All of sudden Ted E looked and there were Santa's hands pulling him down off the shelf. Ted E, who was just as surprised for he knew what was fixing to come true. Rose's wish of that special letter had come to the shop and letter from a little boy asking for a silly old bear. How exciting and what a surprise that they would be going to a sister and brother. Santa let out a roar of laughter and told the two little toys that they would be riding in the sleigh with him this year. Now Santa knew it had been quiet awhile for Rose wishing to be given to a child and so she and Ted E were going to get to ride in the front and carry a big bright balloon and see all the world Christmas Eve night.

Santa and the Velveteen Rabbit is the latest design in my Santa series for 2012. Santa's head, hands and feet were hand sculpted out of clay (no molds used...ever) then baked and detailed using acrylic paints. His body  is a wire armature covered in wool yarn. His has a felt vest underneath his cloak (which is not removable) and his boots were made from felt. His hair and beard were made from angora wool yarn. His costume was hand sewn using vintage material and detailed with golden braided string. In his left hand, he is holding a tiny plush bear who is wearing a multicolored ribbon collar. A tiny "The Night Before Christmas" book is hanging from his wrist. It is a real book that has the original story in it. In his right hand, he is holding the rope to his famous never empty toy sack. Peeking out the top are some miniature toys. Santa is sitting in a vintage sleigh found on one of our treasure hunts. Of course, Rose and Ted E are proudly sitting in the front holding their glass balloons that have been covered on German glass. Some tiny wrapped packages are sitting in the front as well. No need to try and unwrap them...they are just for display purposes..hehe!!

Rose and Ted E.

Tiny toys peeking out of bag

Back view of sleigh

This piece sits right at 11 inches tall. Santa and everything in the sleigh is permanently attached. The storybook can be removed from his wrist if you do it very carefully. I'm sure that someone will enjoy reading it on Christmas eve.'s time to move on to the next Santa piece that is calling my name....or is that my muse....sometimes I just can't tell!!

Until next time...........Hugs,


  1. Love it---I love the story, Santa and all the little goodies! You tell an enchanting tale Missy!


  2. Thank you Ms Dragonlady!! I love when you come and leave me encouragment ^_^


  3. What a sweet story! Santa looks all snug and warm and happy to be out in his sleigh. :) xox

  4. Have you sold Santa with Velveteen Rabbit and Mr. Bear yet? If not I would like to buy him!