Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Santa has entered the building...the gallery that is!!

Well....Santa has traveled down the street to visit the Trim-A-Tree event at the Foley Performing Arts Gallery.  Six of them made the trip this afternoon and three more will make it one day next week. LuLu was sad because she and her Santa didn't make this trip but I'm working as fast as I can Li'l Miss...hehe!!!

There are so many talented artist in our area and if you live close by or are planning a trip to Gulf Shores or Orange Beach then make sure you stop by there and browse for awhile.

I also took a few other things the mermaid and child, the merboy with his fish and the faerie dancer plus several pieces of my jewelry. Fingers crossed that everyone has a good year selling!!

This sweet little faerie was already at the gallery and they had put her up on a shelf. It seems someone decided to pick her up by her wings. WHO in the world would EVER pick up a faerie by her delicate wings? They apologized and said they sure hoped that I could fix her because everyone loved her bright shining eyes and the way the light reflected off of her wings. They also have put my pieces in a glass case so that people can't man handle them. That made me happy....I was almost afraid to leave my new pieces...almost!!  My sculpts can last for a very long time IF taken care of. I have pieces that are over 12+ years and have traveled several different times to new homes and still look like I just designed them. I was able to fix her wings and she is now safe and sound sitting on my shelf in my bedroom where she will stay. I think she has been traumatized enough.

The Chazman wanted to look at the pieces in the glass case and he noticed that the Mad Hatter had apparently drank wayyyy to much tea because he was leaning over on the glass. I asked Josep to please take him out and let me see what was going on. The Chazman said that dormouse must had tried to make an escape and had tipped them both over. ^_^  I'm guessing that's not what really happen but again, someone had probably tried to pick him up by the teapot. BARBARIC PEOPLE!! Sorry, I just get so upset when others don't have respect for a piece that someone has put so much time into. Calming down now..ahhhh!! It was just that the teapot had been pulled off Hatter's hand and it was an easy fix. I have my mother's teapot collection and Hatter is going to be sitting among them. He and Dormouse can enjoy their tea in safe surroundings's on to finishing up the other three Santa pieces, plus do my baking for tomorrow's festivities at my youngest sisters house. We split the cooking duties part this year is the green bean casserole, homemade mac n cheese and the desserts. Notice that has an S on the end as in more than one dessert is to be made. I love that my family loves my cooking. I hope that YOU and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving and for those that live outside the United States....I hope that YOU have an awesome Thursday.

Until next time...........Hugs,


  1. These are just so amazing, I love the expression on their faces
    Lindsay xx

  2. Thank you so much. I love to let my whimsy come through my pieces.