Wednesday, December 26, 2012

363 Days til Christmas ^_^

WOW....I can't believe it's over already. Christmas seems to come and go way to fast for us. The Chazman had a wonderful Christmas so that means we had a wonderful Christmas too.'s 363 days til next Christmas and I think that I'm going to start making gifts and doing some shopping starting in January..LOL!!

I still have one set of a Santa piece to make....Santa with cookies with no glass of milk...HA!!! I'm going to work on him today. I also need to get busy designing some new things for 2013 as well. I want to do some of my muffin faeries  and my teacup fearies. Some new dust bunnies and some cotton batting olde rabbit ornaments too. I also want to do more needle felted characters this new coming year which means trips to our "Little Zoo that could" so I can capture the whimsical characters that live there for the designs. My muse is singing up a storm with all that she wants us to do.  Is there anything that YOU would like to see come from the old Southern ooaks tree?

Well...I had better get busy working on this piece cause I do feel a nap coming on real soon. With our crazy weather change (74 this time yesterday and 46 right now) I woke up with a very soar throat and earache. Now the throat could be from all the snoring I apparently do (according to the hubbikins) but I really don't think a person can snore out of their ear. Can they? ^_^

Until next time.............Hugs,


  1. Lovin the little Santa pieces! Happy 2013!

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