Thursday, December 6, 2012

Totally Terrific Thursday...YEAH BABY!!!

Can ya believe it's Thursday already? It is Thursday, ri iight? HA  Time is going by way to fast for all the things I need to get done. Ya'll know how bossy my muse can be and....well.....time is something that doesn't effect her like me so she won't let me use that for an excuse. I tell her "It's not an's THE reason". ^_^

I'm working on several things today. One is the Santa and the antique toys piece. Here's a WIP (work in progress) photo. Be's just a head, hands and feet laying about BUT no Santa's are ever harmed during the process..hehe  HEY...I don't want to be put on his naughty list!!

The other thing I'm going to do (while taking a break from working on Santa) is making some of my jewelry pieces. I actually started some of my gypsy/mermaid bracelets yesterday afternoon when I finished with Santa and LuLu. I'm going to be making some earrings today too. Well....that's the plan at this moment!!

I love working in my little space but last night the hubbikins wanted me to watch TV with him so I took some of my work in the family room. Have to please the hubbikins even though he always falls asleep on the sofa and so doesn't know if I'm in the room..HA!! That is unless I reach for the remote...then he's awake. Is there a button on males that is connected to the remote? I wander ^_^  Now...I don't mind working anywhere, it makes me happy to be using my hands to make things. The problem is that if I am sitting down, Ms Peaches thinks that I am her personal sitting cushion. FOR REALS...every time I sit down she is right there. I think I might have solved that problem for a bit. She jumped up there last night and would not stop batting at my macrame put a Santa hat on her that I had been sewing. cute but I don't think she thought so. What do YOU think?

Until next time........HUGS,
Regi (and Ms Peaches, old grump..hehe)


  1. busy busy girl. The rain is back LOL
    Have a really good day today
    Crossed Fingers

  2. Your cat does NOT look happy - lol!! And I know that whole guy-remote thing all too well. The santa head could be scary except that I know you are going to work your Christmas magic and I will be saying "Oh, how cute!" in no time. xox