Monday, December 3, 2012

Boots made for walking...but NOT YET!!!!!

Santa is getting his handmade leather boots fitted today and just had to show them off...hehe!!  One is completed and he is already wearing it, the other is still being worked on but he just had to try it on. I think he's telling me to hurry up, don't you? Look at him....hand on his hip. He better watch it or I might just put him on the naughty list. HEY...what does happen when Santa has been naughty? Hmmmmm, we might not even want to know. ^_^

Sewing leather is a bit difficult and I stop and take breaks. I have a few Christmas cards that I wanted to hang up to enjoy but needed something to hang them from. I had these old wooden clothespins and decided they would work perfectly. Add a little paint....a little saying and have a card holder.

One says "HO HO HO" and the other "BELIEVE"

They look cute, ri iight? They are easy peasy to make and would make a great small gift or even an ornament for the tree.

Oh oH OH....hey that is hO Ho HO backwards...kewl!! Ohhhhh....on our way home from the grocery store we passed a yard sale and the hubbikins just  had to get out and look. He is worse than me and the Chazman put together!!  I'm very happy that he did because he bought me 4 cute Christmas plates with mugs to match. You already know we love cookies and now we have something cute to eat them on AND mugs for the milk to dunk them in. Yummmmmm!!!

Love the bright colors. I keep these in the kitchen and put the other two out in the B&B...hehe!! Now we just need to make some cookies. I think we will when the Chazman gets home...dessert for tonight!!

Now, it's back to being a boot maker before Santa throws the sewing needle at me. Until next time......



  1. Santa does look just the tiniest bit impatient. But he's getting new boots! Who doesn't like a pair of new shoes? :) And I'm glad to hear there will be cookies in the B&B. ;) Happy HO HO HO! xox

  2. That's going to be the best dressed Santa ever! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. I can't leave comments on your blog, but I can if I visit my neighbor and log into your blog.

    You are one busy gal. That Santa is coming along nicely, even though you have had other things take time away from him. Yes, I was reading back a bit.

    Thanks for the visit. Now I must try to keep up with Santa and YOU, even though I may not be able to leave you a comment from my computer.