Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Come visit the WhoDoo Swamp.....

Deep in the WhoDoo swamp where the mist can be as thick as the spanish moss hanging from the trees, the locals tell of tales, of the tortured souls, just waiting for someone to step into their realm. If ya travel into their swamp please take caution for there are plenty of creatures, WhoDoo residents, owls and snakes.

The infamous pirate, WhoDoo Lafitteetee, still rules the WhoDoo Bayou's from the beautiful shores of the Gulf of Mexico to the magical and festive city of New Orleans....for sure pod well as all the mystical places in between. Ya might just hear him calling out "Avast ther ye not be yer treasure I be a be yer comb. I need me a comb". Yikes....just look at that blue mess Lafitteetee calls hair)

As you travel further into the swamp, remember it's home to some mighty big cocodrie (alligator). NOTHING is as big though as the WhoDoo dragon that calls this place home. DANGER...BEWARE,
for he loves to snort fire and will invite you to be a snack.....oops...sorry about that!! I meant to say he will invite you to enjoy A snack. S'mores anyone??

As night falls all visitors must be watchful and listen to all the night cries. If you suddenly hear Brains....Brains  I'z need me some brains" stand very very still cause littlebig zombie must be near. He loves to pick other peoples brains....and......oh wait....I bet ya thought I meant to eat. No silly, he just loves to find out what you know that he may not know.

If littlebig zombie gets to out of hand with all his zillions of questions....all you have to do is starting singing this song  "Ooo eee, Ooo ah ah, Ting tang, Walla walla bing bang" and then get ready for (have you guessed who? HA) the witch doctor to appear. Oh yes...the witch doctor...everyone's friend, he will tell you what to do to get zombie to stop bothering you.

Now as you leave the WhoDoo swamp, make sure you turn and wave. For a shy little ooglie googlie eyed guy will be bidding you adue and whispering "Ya'll come back real soon".

Soooo....did you enjoy your visit to the swamp? I so hope you did and I'm even hoping more that our little Chazman will too. You see...this is his gift from me (and Daddy, of course) If you have been reading my post then you know that he has been asking me to make him one of the string characters for months now. I think he is going to be very surprised when he finds that he has a whole swamp full...hehe!!  The tree at the beginning of the story is the hang out ('s where he can hang them).

I made little paper boxes for each one...well....except for the dragon and the tree...I used a cardboard box for dragon and just...well....wrapped the tree. HEHE

They are sitting under the Christmas tree just waiting for Christmas eve when the Chazman can open them. I wander if he will even notice I have put them there? I wander if the gang will start calling out to the witch doctor to get them out of the boxes? Oh dear!!!!!

Until next time...........Hugs,

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