Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's Angel Program time!!

Good Morning my sweet friends!! Ahhhhhh....the smell of French Vanilla Coffee. There's nothing any better. WHOAAA...hold up....I have to confess...that's a lie cause there is something better...the TASTE of French Vanilla coffee..hehe  Hold on a sec while I go and fix me yet another cup. Would you like one too?

Ok..I'm back and I brought YOU a cup too. Now...let's talk about the title of this post. Most of you that know KNOW me...know (WOW..that's alot of knows....ya know..hehe) that we have had to have some help with Christmas for our Chazman the past two years. We are so blessed to be a part of the Baldwin County Freecycle here. Blessed in that they help us (Angel Program) and even more BLESSED that I can return the giving by using my gift that God gave me....my artist abilities. I love making things for people...especially kiddos!!  It can be a hard task though..not really knowing (there's that word again....perhaps I should change the title to KNOWING..HA) the ages of the children that are being helped. I was told that the ages ranged from 2 to 17 so that's what I'm working with. You're looking at the age 17 aren't you? Well...I'm *cough cough* 54 and I still BELIEVE!! ^_^   I decided that I would start out with the teenagers....the female teenagers first. Here are five of my Bohemian bracelets that I'm donating. So hope they will be liked and worn!!

I'm going to make some of my hemp macrame bracelets for the guys and then some hemp macrame keychains that could go to either.  For the younger kiddos, I have been collecting books. It's amazing that I have found some in what looks like brand new condition. A few of them I am going to make little gloved characters to go with them. That way when they are being read to they can play along. The Chazman always liked to do that. HEY...I'm giving and getting on this project. Love to bring memories back into view!!

I picked these three to do the gloved characters with. There will be a mouse, a bear and a silly old rabbit. I love making my gloved characters...since I use to make them for Chaz and he loved them.....I'm hoping that who ever receives one of these will love them too.

After I work on these then I'm going to make some more of my little snow birdies. I'm thinking of doing the scarves around their necks with the colors of the major universities in the state. What do you think?

Until next time..............Hugs,

P.S.  Thanks for enjoying a cup of coffee with me this morning ^_^

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  1. Amazing creations Regina, and thans for your comments,let me know if you need some product to create anything and Içll sdend you a free copy,,,,,,,wowww.