Saturday, December 1, 2012

How dare they...hehe

OMGOSH....How dare they plan a parade during the SEC football game ALABAMA/Georgia. I mean...the nerve of some people. Who in their right mind would EVER do something like this....poor poor planning!! HAHA....these are not my words people but those of the hubbikins. Oh yes...he is extremely frustrated. Well, he was extremely frustrated until the Chazman told him "No worries Dad", we can just go to our parade and Snow in the park next weekend. Isn't the Chazman such a good hearted kiddo? He is, he is. (he really wants to stay home and play a game that he is enjoying tremendously but HEY, it's good to make Dad feel good too)

No worries for me either because now I can stay home and work on Santa some more. His pants are made and I am getting ready to make his leather boots. Santa is happy that I will be working on him too...I think he's getting tired of standing..hehe!!

Until next time...........Hugs,


  1. Santa is jumping for joy! Maybe he wanted to stay home, too. :)) Tis a full season, but a happy one! xo

  2. Santa does look like he's jumping for joy! Maybe because he knows he's got some new threads coming soon!! LOL
    He's darling Regi
    Hugs Lynn

  3. Another cutie Santa. Don't they look sweet just waiting for their clothes? And, isn't it fun to know they are there and you have created them?

    Your family sounds very close-knit. Yes, very good attitude your Chazman has indeed!

    Love the garter in your earlier post too.

  4. You've been so busy!!! And your blog looks fabulous! I feel like it's been YEARS since I've made the bloggy rounds. Big hugs and know I love ya!!!!