Friday, December 21, 2012

WIP of Santa and the antique toys!! ( could WIN a gift)

I am still working on my Santa piece...such a handsome fella....the jolly olde elf himself!! I'm making his boots this morning and then hopefully his coat and hood this afternoon. Here are some WIP photos....

Beautiful silk puffed sleeved shirt with ruffled front. Of course, most of shirt will be hidden by his coat BUT I will know it's there. (and so will YOU)

Material for his coat and hood

Base...covered in antique white paint and German glass

Elf in a box Santa will be holding in his hand.

Antique pull toys 

Okey dokey..time to put my shoemaker hat on and get busy. Until next time.................Hugs,


PSSST....the eighth person to comment on this post will receive a gift. Just leave your snail mail for me and I hope you enjoy your gift. ^_^


  1. Good fortune to the lucky 8th! Happiest of holidays to you!!

  2. I especially like this one's face. I really love that little elephant! Nice work!

    Peace and hugs,

  3. love him! can't wait to see it finished

  4. Thank you Lori, Johanna and Deb for taking the time to read my post. Since I didn't have 8 to comment I am going to take the first one that did.

    Congrats Lori....your pressie will be shipped after Christmas.

    Stay tuned through the year as I do more of these type of giveways.


  5. Just stopping in to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas! xox!