Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Angel Gifts...makes my heart feel all warm!!

Good evening my sweet friends. I know that I'm late posting but I have been a busy busy woman today. Plus my muse wouldn't let me get near the computer very much....slave driver!!!  I guess I'll forgive her THIS TIME seeing how I have to have the items for the Angel program finished by Friday around lunch. However, I would greatly appreciate it if ya didn't tell her I forgive her right now. She can be such a DIVA when she discovers that she was correct in how she handled me. ^_^

I told ya'll yesterday that I was going to be making some of my gloved characters. WELL.....I really lied just temporarily misplaced my gloves and it's near to impossible to make gloved characters without gloves. HA!! I decided since my feeble mind or my muse (I bet she hid them...I know she did) couldn't put my hands on the gloves that I would make some of my felt finger puppets. The Chazman loved to have a little character from the story bouncing around while he was being told all about them. I figured it was a kid thing so others would too. (hoping with big hopes that they do) I only made one today but that's one less I will have to burn the midnight oil tonight making....ri iight??

TA-DA...little mousie is saying!! He is very excited that he got pulled out of the book so he can bounce around and peek over the top as his story is being read to a wee one. Hopefully, this will become a favorite bedtime story for someone. Tomorrow I'll be making a bear and a rabbit to go with two different storybooks. I love helping with this program!!

Now I know you must be thinking why in the world only one mousie got done today. Let me tell you why before you have to ask. ^_^  I was making keychains and a macrame wristlet. I use to macrame every chance I got. I mean the bug bit me big time back in the day..hehe!! I'm having to refresh myself on some of the knots and thank goodness there is google. What in the world would we do without google and youtube? Yes, once I found what I was looking for on google, I went to youtube to watch videos to help my feeble mind remember how to tie different knots. I did the Josephine knot....very cool knot!!!

See the fancy knots on the white keychain? Well of course you do...silly me!! That is a Josephine knot. Looks like a sailor knot on the white cording but on the red rope it looks completely different. Love them both and I hope who ever gets either of these loves them too.

I made a wristlet using it too and a guy or a girl could wear it with pride. It takes on a Celtic look in the red and black rope...or at least I think it does. ^_^ is hollaring their HONGRY and dinner is almost ready so I need to get up from here and make them happy. Thank you for dropping by....leave a comment and I will always reply back. (either to your email if I have it or I'll just leave it here.) Love my comments and I love YOU!!!!

Until next time............Hugs,

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