Friday, December 14, 2012

Whodoo not voodoo...hehe

WOW......finally....I finished all my gifts for the Angel program. I hope that my small part helps make a child smile when they open a gift on Christmas morning. I have to admit that it was tough making them this year as the Chazman asked what I was making them for exactly!! I know that he had to have noticed that I broke out in a sweat when he asked me that question. What was I to do? I didn't want to lie to my baby so I just didn't answer with the complete explanation. I just told him that our sweet friend Ms Sue needed my help with making gifts for some children she knew. That wasn't a was actually the truth just not the whole truth. He stood there for a minute and then smiled and walked off. He later said that he was sad......I froze with fear.....fear that he was about to tell me the one thing I do not want to ever hear....that he didn't believe. Nope...that wasn't what he said at all. What he did say was that he was sad that some kids didn't have the magic inside them anymore and didn't believe in the magical Santa. I asked  (with a big gulp) if he still had the magic inside and he said "Well DUHHH MOM...of course I do". I'm glad that he does and I'm going to hope that he is like me (I NEVER told my parents that I didn't believe) and we can have the magic every year.

Now that I'm not frantically working on those gifts I can relax and work on the Chazman's gifts. Yes, I am making him some little gifts and I am going to be working my butt off Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to get them all done because Thursday starts his Christmas break. He doesn't know that I'm making them. He asked me about a month ago if I thought I could make some of the little VooDoo string dolls that are popular. I told him that I probably could and would try as soon as we got through Christmas. He looked kinda sad faced but said alright. he ever going to be surprised!!! I made one today and WOW it is time consuming but boy oh boy was it ever fun. I think I have a feline soul in me somewhere because I swanee I was purring like a kitten playing with that string!! ^_^   I already have several designs my muse has thrown at me to make that she knows the Chazman really wants. (yeah...she says that but I know she was just ease dropping when he and I were talking about them..hehe)  There's going to be a witch doctor....a one eyed monster, a googlie eyed monster, a vampire, a mohawk wearing warrior, and hopefully a cousin to Beetlejuice. Of course I won't call my little creatures VooDoo...they will be WhoDoo, as in Who Doo you be? ^_^  Here's the first little string warned...he's NEKKID!! Hmmmmm...seems my characters like to run around the studio nekkid a good bit. Oh well.....keeps my muse hidden!!

Not to bad for my first one ever. I even gave him blue eyes like the Chazman. HA!! I'm hoping that I get them all finished before Thursday and get their own little boxes houses made and under the tree. I can't wait to see his little eyes light up when he opens his gifts Christmas eve from us.

I want to let all of you know that I am offering a 25% discount on purchases made in my Etsy shop...good through the 22nd. Just use code 2SANTABAG at check out to get it. Feel free to share the code with family, friends, neighbors, strangers, everyone..HAHA!!

Until next time............Hugs,

Oh yes...I'm working on two more Santa pieces too. I need to get my rump in gear dears!!! 

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  1. Hey.... you know me I love little creatures like these.

    Crossed Fingers