Sunday, December 16, 2012

Saturday in the Sand!!

WOW...we had a great time yesterday. The weather was perfect....not humid...not to warm...not to cool. Like I said....perfect!!! It began with us having to go to my sister's house and let her doggies out for a bit and give all of their zoo some food, water and loving. (ok ok perhaps it's not as big as a zoo but they do have two doggies, one cat and two hamsters plus two tree frogs on the back porch..hehe) Boy..oh boy were they ever happy to see us. We gave some quick loving as we headed to the back door as they were happily doing the "WE NEED TO GO OUT" dance and the we are "SO GLAD TO SEE YA'LL" and will continue the loving when we come back in. Now Mr Rumtum (the cat) was suppose to be outside but he surprised me by stretching up on my pants leg and giving me a hug (claws and all) He got his loving, food and water and he was a purrrrfectly happy cat. The doggies came bouncing back in and got some quick loves, food and water and then decided they would eat later...they went bouncing and got in the Chazman's lap and became a loving puppy pile. You should have heard the giggles!!  Once they got finished showing their affection the Chazman got up and went to check on the hamsters. They were both fine and had plenty of water and food. One was in the kitchen sitting on the bar...well...ok SHE wasn't sitting on the bar..she was in her cage that was sitting on the bar..hehe. She kept wiggling her nose through the cage at us. The Chazman was petting her nose and then all of a sudden she decided to try him out. OH YES...she nipped him!! I don't think she meant to hurt him because she went running into her pile of fluff that makes her bed and peeked back out at us. She slowly walked back over and poked her nose out looking at the Chazman and chirping. We think she was saying how sorry she was but he just looked tastie and she just had to see if he was. LOL

After we finished giving loves we decided since we were right there at the beach that we would go and listen to Mother ocean for awhile. Nothing clears the mind like the gentle sounds of the waves hitting the beach or the smell of clean fresh salt air. Some of the local photographers have been taking awesome photos of a place called Little Lagoon pass so we decided to go find it and see just what it was all about. OMGOSH, we could have sat there for hours watching the pelicans sitting on a pipe going across the little pass and jumping in the water. It was so funny because they were actually jumping off in order. Kinda reminded me of the song "FIVE LITTLE MONKEYS JUMPING ON THE BED" Bahahaha!!! After the last one had jumped off we walked under the bridge and went out on the beach. about finding hidden wasn't actually hidden because it was laying out on the beach..just waiting on US.

So many beautiful shells washed ashore. I love nothing more than walking the beach and seeing just what Mother Ocean has given to anyone that wants to have them.

Aren't spiral shells awesome? We found several broken ones (love them too)and then buried under some fan shells was a beautiful spiral not broken at all.

Fan shells are so amazing and we found six of them and only one had a small chip out of it. I love the little clear shells **l@@king around** they are really mermaid scales. Don't tell anyone though because we don't want to scare the mermaids away from our area. ^_^   I'm hoping to find enough of the scales shells to cover a mermaid tail.

After some time on the beach we did the normal Saturday stuff.....going to buy groceries and then coming home and piddling or resting for a bit. We had to go back and check on the zoo again in the late afternoon and on the way home we found this box with Christmas tree parts in it sitting by the side of the road. HEY...ya never know where ya might find a treasure. ^_^   It was an old Christmas tree that someone thought had done it's time. We saw a treasure to be restored and that still had some wonderful years to make someone smile.

The Chazman loves it and wanted it in his room. He said it was the most beautiful little tree in the world. With the exception of our tree in the family room of course. Good answer there!!! It is small but it fits perfectly in his room and it does make him smile.

Today we are just chillin and relaxing together as a family. The weather took a BIG time change as it's rainy, HUMID and just a blah day.  Ya know....this makes the perfect afternoon to take a nap. Yeah..that sounds good. Tomorrow and the next day and the NEXT day I will be working on those little WHODOO dolls so a nap might really be a good thing to do this afternoon. ^_^

Until next time............HUGS,

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  1. Gorgeous shells!!! I plan to look for some myself, NEXT WEEKEND!! Woooo Hoooo!! Can hardly wait to visit my first "baby" and make some awesome memories!