Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Owwww..sharp dressed man!!

Finally, the old man can stop throwing my sewing needles at me and ahemmming at me. I'm NOT talking about the hubbikins either. He so knows better than to throw anything at me...I would just throw it back..hehe   I'm talking about Santa....ya know..the supposedly jolly olde elf. I didn't know what to do to make him straighten up so I could get him finished. I mean, we can tell our kiddos to be good this time of year or we will have to make that call to Santa and tell him how naughty they are being. That makes them be good almost immediately. (notice I said "almost". With some we have to actually pick up the phone) WHAT do you do when the one being naughty IS Santa? I know we talked about this the other day and I didn't know what to do then either. My muse however finally came up with the answer. She told him to settle down or I was going to call Mrs. Claus. Yeppers...that did it...that and the fact that I got him completely dressed and his hair and beard styled. Santa is being a very good boy now. At least when I'm watching him..^_^

Isn't he a handsome fella in his beautiful crushed velvet outfit? Santa stands right at 11 inches tall. I wanted ya'll to see him standing before I attached him to the Pawpaw chair that he will be sitting in. Remember this piece is where Santa got caught by li'l Miss LuLu coming down the chimney...LOL!!

Santa wanted to model his new outfit for ya'll so please excuse all the photos. Such a ham he is!! I'm making his traditional hat with white (faux) fur around it and also working on his magical red bag. Ohhh to have one of those bags for ourselves....just sayin!!

Now, it's time to get back to work and finish this piece, especially since it's so nice and quiet around here. ^_^

Until next time...........Hugs,


  1. He is looking mighty fine indeed, Regina!


  2. OMG!!!! this guy is sooooo awesome. You out did yourself this time. He is amazing as you are.
    I am safe. The wind has subsided.72 mph sustained winds last night and early AM.
    Ahhhh living on the pacific coast.
    Crossed fingers

  3. Aw, he has the sweetest smile. Just like I would expect Santa to have now that he has his clothes and boots! :)) xox

  4. Regina, he looks AMAZING! You are so WOW talented! He is just phenomenal!!!!