Friday, December 7, 2012

Went earring making CRAZY!!! about someone that starts something and just can't stop herself. Ok's not nice to talk about others unless you're telling something good they did but I'm not talking about others. I'm talking about myself. HeHe!!  I had ever intention of working on my next Santa piece and doing a set here and there of earrings just to take a break in between. OMGOSH....I so should have started working on Santa first...poor little guy is still just a head, hands and feet sitting here on my desk. Hold on just a moment please..................
OK I'm back. I had to turn Santa's head around. He was staring at me and it was creeping me out. ^_^

Let me show you what kept me from my Santa man that is!!! Nine pairs of earrings...yeppers...I said NINE. I told ya I just couldn't stop myself. Ok well... obviously I did stop myself or I wouldn't be posting this, I would still be making earrings. HA!! OK enough chitter chatter (on my part) let me show you.

 Sterling Silver starfish vials filled with Gulf Shores beach sand and tiny shell.
(hopefully the pirate won't miss some of his anchor chain..hehe)
These SOLD today...thank you Kerri!!!!

The gypsy soul just had to come out....dancing in the firelight.
Beads are red garnet and the 2 Swavorski crystals

Mystical soul came out with these beauties....Dragon eggs
Quartz that has been abraded to give a rough texture

My Holiday spirit singing with the angels
Tibetan silver charms...simple and sweet.

Mermaid soul of course!!
Natural shells, bronze charms and glass beads

Mixture of mermaid and hippie ^_^
Glass beads with tiny silver dragonflies charms

Bohemian soul here!!
Tree of Life charms, rose beads, onyx beads

Mystical presences with these!!
Jade carved Buddha, bronze beads, glass beads.

Mermaid soul again ^_^
Sterling silver fish charms, polished aquamarine beads

There ya have them....nine little pairs of earrings. I'm going to be listing them in my Etsy shop so if ya need a special one of a kind gift for the special one of a kind friend or family member...remember me or remember my shop or remember both..hehe!!

Until next time..........Hugs,

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  1. What super cute earrings you've made :-) I too make earrings by the bazillions.... sometimes you just have to go with it!