Monday, December 10, 2012

A little birdie came to see me...hehe

I hope that you had a supertabulous and marvelous weekend. Yeppers, I'm making up words again..what can I say..hehe!! I know that we did. The Foley parade was a blast but I have to admit I got a bit nervous with the folks there. I know..I know, I get nervous in big crowds and WOW this was one big crowd. That wasn't what bothered me though. It was that the folks where pushing themselves closer and closer to where the parade was and the floats barely had room to maneuver pass. The police finally asked folks to step back...and they did....thank goodness. If there is a suggestion box for the parade committee, the Chazman and I would like to make one. The folks throwing the candy and goodies need to learn to throw them UP and out in the air...that way everyone gets a chance to have some of the treats. (not just the folks standing up front that grab and push and well just have bad form people..bad form) Like I said though....the parade was awesome. Who doesn't love a parade?? They had the snow in the park afterwards but the Chazman was so frazzled after all the people at the parade that he decided he didn't really want to go. We never push him into doing things he doesn't want to do so we just came home to rest a bit. OK..let me rephrase that, the hubbikins and the Chazman came home and rested. I played!!!

First thing I did was to make a topper for this cute little box I found at Wal-Mart. Ohhh, it had a flower on top but I didn't care for it so I ripped gently took it off..hehe  Since I'm going to put the garters I made my niece in it I thought that some of my fabric shabby roses would look cute on top. She can store her keepsake garter in it or use it for a little trinket/jewelry box.

Top of box for better viewing ^_^

The hubbikins and the Chazman were still resting after I finished this so I started working on some little snowbirds. I love our snowbirds that come and visit with us during the winter months. I mean real people not actual snowbirds...although I do love our feathered friends too. OK...I'm babbling, aren't I? I made two little birds and I think they turned out so cute. They are hand sculpted out of clay, detailed using acrylic paints and then covered in German glass. I have them sitting inside a shell that was picked up on one of our beach walkabouts in either Gulf Shores or Orange Beach. I took them up to the Foley Performing Arts gallery this morning and Miss Bonnie wants me to do more. So I guess I'll be working on a flock more birds...hehe!! Hmmmm...that didn't read sound just right...I mean I will be working on A flock of birds. Now..that's better!!

Cute little guys, ri iight? I think I'm going to make some to go in my Etsy shop too. They are just to darn cute. HEY...I should do a snowbird and one of my dust bunnies together. HA  Ok I'm babbling AGAIN..sorry.

After I got these guys sculpted and baked, the hubbikins and the Chazman were ready to go to the boat parade. OMGOSH...this was our first year going to it and it is going to be a tradition from now on. It was AWESOME. Sitting by the canal listening to the herron's fussing at all us humans sitting in chairs in their territory..hehe  The weather was perfect and the boats were shiny and bright. FUN FUN FUN!!

Until next time..........Hugs,


  1. This is so cute. Stop by to link up at our Wednesday LINK party

    1. Thank you Amy...for the compliment and for stopping by for a visit. I am linked up for Wednesday..thank you for the invite. ^_^

  2. Such cute little birds!!! You're so creative! And the box top looks amazing too!

    I need to's been too long!

  3. I love it when you babble! (That's a compliment.) And those little birdies are very cute - get busy on that flock woman! :)) xox