Monday, December 16, 2013

Beads, Beads and more Beads ^_^

Good Monday Morning!!! Only 9 more days til Christmas...YIKES!! Are YOU ready yet? All that shopping done? Nope? Me either but guess what, it's a coming regardless. So HOHOHO!!!! (said in a cheery way, just in case you were a wondering...hehehe)

I spent this weekend finishing up the teachers gifts and even made one for the principal. She has really made this year a most excellent one so far. She will be getting a pretty pair of earrings and the teachers will be getting some of my prettier twisted bracelets and of course each will be wrapped in one of my pretty paper boxes.

The little bead is an abraded quartz
better known as Dragons egg.

Once I finished these gifts I just couldn't stop making bracelets. I mean.....I already had all my beads out and they were just laying there...staring at what was I suppose to do....ignore them? I think not...hehehe

Some of my twisted bracelets...ya'll know I LOVE to twist. ^_^   The first one has the last of my pretty plastic beads that have etchings on them. I don't normally like plastic but I fell in love with these. The next grouping is just some twisted ones with one having that neat Celtic button. The last one I did using some polished moonstones and tiny aquamarine stones on the tree of life charm. This looks really pretty dressed up or with jeans and tshirt. I make these kind of bracelets where they can fit just about anyones wrist. I leave the hanging ropes long in case they are needed and if not then you can clip them to the size you need. Just remember to knot them on the end so that the closing twist doesn't come off.

 Jade beads, jasper beads, bone beads, Tibetan charm holder with Tree of life charm

 Just keep swimming..hehe  
Tibetan fish charm with glass purple/green beads.

 Rose quartz beads, green glass beads and turquoise turtle bead.
 Tibetan charm holder with Koi fish charm, vintage pearls, dye pearls in mint, pink, coral and white.
 Back of the one above so that you could see all the colors of pearls.
Violet Jade round faceted beads, tiny tan Swarovski crystals with a glass focal bead.
 Rose quartz beads, agate green/pink beads, Tibetan rose bead.
 Back of one above so you can see the different sized quartz beads.
 glass turquoise hued beads with actual turquoise turtle beads.
 Glass tiger look beads, wooden black beads, Tibetan charm holder with tiny silver wire wrapped glass heart.
Pink faux pearl beads, Tibetan rose beads, Tibetan charm holder with faux diamond spacers, two tiny pink Swarovski crystals and one large pink Swarovski crystal.

I loved making all of these and made them for no one in particular The beads were just calling to me and I had to do something with them...hehe!!  If you see one you would like to purchase, just let me know and I will list it on Etsy just for you. These would make great Christmas gifts or a gift just to say "I love you or I'm thinking of you".  If you do buy one it will come gift wrapped in one of my pretty little paper boxes. 

Until next time...........Hugs,


  1. They're all so pretty! I LOVE the one with the koi fish. I might buy that one. .. I like the tree of life one up top too. .. hmmmmn. Choices, choices, choices.

  2. Wow you have been bbbbbbbusy. LOL
    You have such a giving and kind heart. The gifts are all beautiful.