Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dragon Hatchling

Happy Tuesday!! It is Tuesday, ri iight? I get so confuzzled sometimes..hehe  Today I'm working on the Chazman's gift from me. Last year he got a sea dragon and this year he is getting a dragon hatchling. This kiddo loves anything dragon. Hmmmmmm, just wander where he got that from? I already gave him one of his gifts and that was the money to get a book about dragons from their school book fair. He doesn't know anything about this gift. Yes...yes, I'm sneaky crafty like that. Here are some WIP photos for ya to see. I have the piece curing at the moment and hope to be painting it by this afternoon. I only have today through Thursday to get him finished because the Chazman will be home for the Christmas break after that. Sooooo, enjoy the photos and I'll see ya tomorrow!! (with hopefully a painted dragon)

Oh yes....Ms Boo supervised with this one. She normally lays on top of the pie safe soaking up the sun and looking down but today she wanted to be right there. Silly kitty!!! Her winter coat is in and just look at all the pretty red in her black fur. Pretty kitty!!!

Until next time.....Hugs,

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