Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Let's recycle some toilet paper holders, shall we..hehe

Yes......you read my title right. Let's get out those toilet tissue and paper towel holders you have been saving. WHAT?? You haven't been saving any. Well...ya just might want to start after this "How To". Let's get started, shall we? ^_^

First ya need to gather some things...yes yes....besides the holders and you probably have everything already on hand.

The main items are of course the holders, some glue, scissors, pencil, felt and scrapbook paper.
You can use other items instead of the felt and paper....like leather, fabric, wallpaper. Just
about anything you can glue and wrap.
 You will also need a tape measure or ruler, exacto knife and sharpie.
I already told ya about the pencil...hehe

This is optional but I use it whenever I make one because it gives the holder
that extra balancing strength. I make a good bit of my bracelets with beads
and or stones so I need the stability to the piece. 

First thing I do is take the toilet tissue holder and lay it down on the scrapbook paper. I just happen to have the perfect size height wise. I keep all my scrap pieces and soooo happy happy that I do, just for this reason. Place the holder on the portion of the paper that you want showing. Then fold the paper over the holder and cut the paper to wrap around once. Make sure you leave enough to cover the seam. No gluing yet...lay the paper to the side for now.

Next take the paper towel holder and lay it on your felt. The felt squares you buy at the craft store are actually a perfect fit for this project. It leaves about 1/2 inch on either side and that's a good thing. Roll the holder over the felt and cut down the length and remember to keep enough to cover your seam. We don't want to see any paper holder when finished with our pretty bracelet holder now do we. NOOO , we don't!!
Now do the same as you did when finished measuring for the other holder. Lay it aside and no gluing yet!!

Most paper towel holders are 11 inches and we need to find the center. Mark it so you know where it is and then place the toilet tissue holder on top of it and mark all around it. I have trouble seeing pencil so once I mark it off with it, I take my sharpie and highlight it. You may not have old eyes like me and can skip this part. HAHA  

I use my exacto knife to get started with. You need to cut out the circle you just drew and don't worry if ya have to cut it a bit more in just a moment. I always have to but I'd much rather clip a bit here and there than to make the hole to big to start with. Then ya get to start this part all over!! You want the hole to be big enough to slip the toilet tissue holder inside....like making a "T".

Avast me hearties....we just made a pirate eye patch...hehe

Wasn't that easy....we're all done!!  Ohhhhh, I'm just teasing, come back here. Did ya forget about the felt and paper we cut out? Now it's time to decorate our holder.

Take your scrapbook paper and cover it with glue. Place the toilet tissue holder on the edge and slowly start to roll it over the paper. Take your time so that the paper stays straight on the holder. When you get to the end dab a little bit more glue on and push the seam down really well. Make sure to wipe off any excess glue.
I normally take a small piece of the felt and glue it to the bottom. Once the glue is dry you can clip around the base.

Take the felt and dab glue on the end you are going to start rolling at. Roll it enough to make it stick and then take your glue and put it all over the holder. Slowly roll the holder over the felt and once completely wrapped dab some glue on the seam and press down. Wipe any excess off. 

Remember the 1/2 inch I told ya would hang over the ends? Here's why I said that was a good thing. Place some glue inside the holder and then fold the extra in and smooth all around. This gives it a nice finished look.

Depending on the glue you used I would let the paper towel holder sit and dry for a few minutes. Once dry take the exacto knife and punch a hole where our original hole was. No worries...you will be able to see it, it dips in.  Now take your scissors and cut an X taking it right up to the end as close as you can get.  Looks kinda like lips puckering up...hehe  Then simply push them inside and place the toilet tissue holder into the hole. If you aren't going to be putting any heavy bracelets on the holder then you are finished. If you are then let's do this step to have a strong base.

I normally use the same scrapbook paper I used to cover the toilet tissue holder with. I find an area that I want to use and hold the disc behind it up to the light so that I can see that it lines up where I want it to be.
Take the disc still behind the paper and flip over. Trace around the disc and then cut the circle out. Put some glue on the disc and glue the paper down. Let it dry a bit and then just trim any overhanging edges. Glue the holder to the base and you're finished this time. (unless you're like me and want to add a few more embellishments. I like to run one of my twisted square knot ropes around the toilet tissue holder where it meets the disc base.)

That's how you make a cute bracelet holder out of toilet tissue and paper towel holders. Pretty niftty, eh? If you're wondering where I got the disc from it's an old playstation disc. Yes...I keep just about everything. I mean ya never know when I might need it...hehe

Until next time......Hugs,

Ohhhh, I felt like someone was "watching" me while I was making this and I was right. No No it wasn't my ghostie friends. It was sweet Callie Bear. That's Boo all curled up napping!!


  1. That is SO neat! I really like that---very handy. My bracelets (small gauntlets actually) would probably be too much for this, but I like the idea. You do such a marvelous 'how to'! I LOVE them! You know. .. I think we have the exact same chair! How odd is that? The kitties look so comfy there! I have to cover mine with extra blankies or Jimmy will shred it to bits. Same thing with the couch. .. and my chair. *Sigh.

  2. Hello Regi
    You are such a talent with those braclets and then on top of that a beautiful holder completely fashioned by yourself. It looks great!
    Lovely to have you visit and follow along and find some new inspiration there.
    I hope you have a very blessed Christmas!

  3. I can't believe that was made from a toilet paper roll! Awesome idea!