Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday....Monday (Do Wah Do wah wah)

Don't ya just LOVE my singing? HeHe  It is definitely a Monday....a dreary, rainy, blue Monday!! At least I have plenty of things to keep me busy inside though so perhaps it's not a bad Monday at all.

I worked on some of my chenille bump vintage ornies this weekend. The Chazman wanted some for our family tree and some for his little tree in his room. That always makes me feel so darn good when my kiddo wants some of my art in his room. Ahhhh!!!

I made four Santa ornies....two for the Chazman's tree and two for the family tree. I just love the little pull toy elephant image I found and tried really hard to find a tiger one too. I'm going to have to do some more searching for one because I really, really want to make a Santa ornie holding them both.

  I love the vintage images of children all bundled up and this sweet lil face just caught my eye. Isn't she sweet? She is hanging on the family tree!!

Of course we had to have some angels for our trees and these lil beauties will look so good. The last two looked kinda faded (I am officially out of colored ink....AGAIN) and almost threw them away. I felt like someone was sending me a silent message to keep them because just as I was putting them to the side, Elvis's "Blue Christmas" came on. I mean.....don't ya think someone was telling me to keep them? I added some pretty blue glitter to their faded wings and I think they look just as lovely as all the others. Thank you Elvis!! I have to thank Karen over at The Graphics Fairy too because this is where I originally found this lil beauty. Thank you Karen!!!!

I couldn't forget the snowpeople...hehe  I made two sets of the snowbaby kiddos.The Chazman got a set and the snowman holding the sequin wreath.

Our trees look so good if I must say so myself. I love that they are filled with a few store bought ones (they hold so many memories since they were from my parents from years past) but mostly love that they are filled with handmade ones by the Chazman and ones made by me. The Chazman is already claiming the ones he wants when he grows up and it's turning out to be most of them..hehe

 Now I'm going to work on some bracelets....some hemp twisted ones and some beaded ones. I'm planning on making one of the bracelet holders later today too so please come back tomorrow to visit as my post is going to be a "How to" on making one.

Until next time......Hugs,

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  1. Love the ones of Santa with the teddy bears. .. They're all so pretty. You put a little tiny dress on my angel; and I especially like that! Your Christmas trees are looking lovely!