Friday, December 27, 2013

Last Friday of 2013!!!

Can ya believe it? The last Friday of this year. Time is just going by faster and faster it seems and it can slow down just a tad bit if it would be so kind. ^_^

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Christmas Eve was spent with my youngest sister and her family (minus one of her daughters though...we missed ya Lauren) Everyone liked their handmade gifts...even my BIL put his on and wore it the whole time we were there. He's a good guy!!! Hopefully he will wear it even more and not just when I'm around. Then he will be a super duper good guy indeed. After we ate together we played some games....a card game called Apples to Apples and then Scattergories. I love that game. I have to tell you something that might be one of those things that "ya just had to be there" but it was funny funny funny. If you know how the game works, you have a big dice that you roll and it will land on a letter of the alphabet. Then you have a card that list items. You have to name things for those items that start with the letter that the dice lands on before a timer you set runs out. WELLLLL....the first game we had the letter P and the second game we had the letter E and my sis got a bit confuzzled ( runs in the family..hehe) and used the letter P again but only after the first item using the E. It was so funny that I laughed til I cried because she was so excited that she came up with a word for each item. Like I said, ya probably had to be there.

Christmas morn was well...almost Christmas afternoon. The Chazman was so excited that he just couldn't go to sleep Christmas eve. I let him sleep in and thankfully he did get  up around 10ish. I was happy because I had been up since 6ish. That's a long waitish (hehe) when you are wanting your child to get up and open presents. I mean...really!!!! He was very happy with all his gifts and that always makes me happy too.

All those goodies in front of him came out of his stocking...hehe

Now yesterday and I must say I will NEVER go shopping the day after Christmas again but we did go and I had to go because I had promised the Chazman we would. Just goes to say, never make a promise you aren't willing to keep. Promises are important and I have learned that it's always best to keep them. Now, what was I talking about...oh I thought since we weren't going to any of the big stores that it would be alright but NOOOOO, the small Gamestop store here had more folks than Walmart did I think. We stood in line for well over 45 minutes but the Chazman got his game and he was happy so it was worth it....this time!!! I'll promise we will go the week after next year. 

I was going to take the decorations down this weekend but Chaz talked me out of it. That's alright though because I love looking at them. His best bud is coming over today to spend the afternoon and the night and he wants him to see them. He also wanted them to be up when he gave him his gift from him. Yeppers, he had me make him another WhoDoo character like last year. Well, it wasn't the same one but it was, kinda. What I mean is that I made the same character but doing something different. Last year his WhoDoo was a surfer dude and this year the same character is a diving dude...hehe

 Surfer dude 2012

Diver dude 2013

This is the shell the diver WhoDoo is leaning against. It holds him up perfectly. It's a shell we found on one of our beach walks at Ft Morgan. Love our beach walks!!!

My niece is coming to spend the whole day with me Sunday and spend the night too. I'm excited. She loves to do crafts and since she is only 8 then it's FUN crafts that normally call for glitter and I love glitter!!! Doesn't every girl though? 

Enjoy your last Friday of 2013 and until next time...............Hugs,

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  1. I cannot believe you stuffed that much into his stocking! LOL! I am glad he had a happy Christmas! Kudos to you for standing in line all that time! WOW.