Saturday, December 14, 2013

I caught a mermaid!!! OK well...I drew one..hehe

Happy Happy Saturday everyone and thank you so much for stopping by to visit under the old Southern ooaks tree. I just LUVVVV when you do!!!

It's a rainy day here so ya know what that junk treasure hunting. Boo Hoo..hehehe No really, it's alright though because I can work in my lil studio area. What am I going to work on you ask? Have you seen those cute little faerie dress hair bow holders folks have been making? They are precious.

I found this cute one on (drum roll please) Pinterest, of course. I have to visit that site only so often because it is VERY addicting, ri iight?? If you would like to make one of these cute holders you can visit Bambina Ballerina.  They have so many cute ones posted and if you look over to her sidebar, she offers several How To post so that you could make one yourself. If you have a little princess then you will love another How To she offers.....a fairy wand!!

I had thought about making one for my niece but then got to thinking...HEY...we live at the beach!!        
My niece LOVES the water so so much. I think she's part fish to be honest. ^_^   Faeries can't be in will soak their wee little wings BUT I knew what could and she loves them too. Mermaids!!!  Those that are my sweet friends that come here often know that I love to doodle and some of my favorite doodles to do are my mermaids. So I started working on this last night and here's some WIP photos to bring ya up to where I am right now.

I love doodling these lil darlins. I had started to paint her tail and then found some "pretty pretty shiny shiny" fabric and BLAM it hit me...perfect mermaid tail. (along with some purple tulle and other bright additions)  I hope to get her put together today and I will share photos tomorrow of her. My muse is guiding me and I sure hope I can do what she is whispering to make this work. ^_^

What are your plans for today? Hope it's something YOU want to do and it makes you Happy Happy!!!!

Until next time......Hugs,


  1. Ohhh how cute is that? You are so talented. I am finishing up a beaded face and then going to the sewing room. I love having a sewing room LOL

  2. Well how neat is this?! Leave it to you to put your happy spin on a notion! I think it's a sweet idea! I am looking forward to seeing how this turns out! Great job!