Sunday, December 29, 2013

It's time to make out that New Years Resolution list, ri iight?

It's getting closer to the New Year. Like most I make a list of what I want to accomplish, start, end or just need to do in the new coming year and this year I only have one item on it. Yeppers, just one and one that I intend to keep.

1. Walk on the beach as much as possible

Of course there will be more things that I plan on starting and accomplishing in 2014 but I don't need to put them on a list. I just need to set them as goals and then hopefully reach them. So....what's on your list?

I'm so looking forward to taking my walks on the beach and I'm going to start just as soon as the Chazman starts back to school on the 2nd.  It's been a bit too chilly to brrrrave a walk right now and I don't want the Chazman to get sick before school starts back, so we have stayed away from the beach. I'll be heading that way though as soon as I drop him off when school does start back and plan on taking my time enjoying what Mother earth and the gulf have set ashore to be discovered. Might not be everyday but it's going to be at least once each week. That's a good goal, eh? 

In my past walks I have found tons of broken shells and I love using them in different projects. I have found some beautiful whole shells too but I need to find some special ones. Special as in ones that a hermit crab would like to find. HEHE  A sweet friend, Diane Guthrie Davis and one of her sweet friends, Fonda Thomas are opening up a new shop in Gulf Shores called, Beach Reflections LLC, and she has asked if I might want to put some of my beach themed items in it. Well, of course I said YES!!! (and did a little jig too...well...I did) They will be in one of the cute beach houses located at 112 E 1st Avenue and will be opening up part time January 6th. They plan on the hours of 10am until 5pm, Wed-Fri. Then on March 1st, they are going to 6-7 days a week and opening up at 9am until. Diane and Fonda are both amazing photographers and will have some of their work in the shop. They both work with IDo Gulf Coast Weddings so keep that in mind if you are planning a beautiful beach wedding here. If you want some great family shots done...well...they do that too. You can contact them at 251-978-4754.  Their shop is not your typical beach gift shop either peoples!! Just a few things they will be offering are Landon Bailey photos (an award winning 12 year old photographer from Ohio), Steve Jones Coast Cards, (Mr Jones is very well known here for getting up each and every morning and capturing our beach and it's inhabitants) Michael Thomas prints, DieHard Images of RI, Kelvin Espada prints of Destin, FL, Homemade candles, seashell items, jewelry, tshirts and souvenirs made by locals. (and I'm going to be one of those locals....WooHoo) Come summer time they will even have bike rentals. Like I said...not your typical beach gift's going to be so much more!!!

Now that I got so excited about telling you all about this new store, let me tell you why I need shells that a hermit crab would want. You were wondering, I know you were. ^_^  Diane had asked a question not long ago about what was something you would take home from a visit here to our beach. That was an easy one!! Before we moved down here (yes...we are some of the ones that came to visit and didn't go home..hehe) the Chazman would walk through some of the souvenir shops and would always end up at the hermit crab cages. I must admit that they are very comical characters and are so much fun to have but they just don't last very long. He did keep his two alive for almost 2 years and that is something I've been told. He said that he didn't want anymore because they die so fast. Well.....with Diane's question and how the Chazman feels, it seems they both became my muses. Ya'll know how much I love my muses!!! I thought, wouldn't it be wonderful to have a hermit crab inhabiting a shell found on our beach with it's own little habitat of some of our beach sand and you NEVER had to feed it? NEVER...EVER!!! The Chazman and one of his buddies loved the idea and want one and I'm hoping even more will too once they see them.

Isn't he cute?? This one is sitting inside of a moon shell. It's one I found on one of our beach walks this past summer. Each one will be in a shell found at either Gulf Shores, Orange Beach or Ft Morgan. Now ya see why I need some new shells!! I plan on putting them inside of a mason jar and poking holes in the lid. (they have to be able to breath..hehe)  There will be a tag on each jar that will tell what type of shell it is, with the year and where it came from.  Don't YOU want one? now know where to find them come this Beach Reflections!!

Until next time.............Peace and Hugs,


  1. Yes this is way cute. No resolutions to break here. LOL my plan is to start a year of abstract paintings. I have begun. Hee hee hee
    Best ever 2014

  2. What mermaid wouldn't love to play with this little fellow! He's so cute! Heck, I don't even think I'd know where to start in making something like a little Hermit Crab. We still have our Frankie. Others have come and gone, but he's still around. I think it is a WONDERFUL idea to walk on the beach more. I would do the same, but you know why we can't. :(

    PEACE and HUGGS,

  3. P.S. I love the new 'decor' here. There's little sprinklies wherever my mouse goes! What fun!

  4. I love the sprinkles on my mouse too! I feel like I'm spreading pixie dust every where! As for that walk on the's simple enough to keep...even if you only go once a week! <3