Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Decorations are UP.....Thank goodness!!!! all my decorations up and they (if I must say so myself) look rather marvelous darlin, simply marvelous..hehe!!

I'm not one to go out and buy new things each year to use in my decorations. Nope....not me. I love all the memories that go with all my well loved and worn items. A good friend even gave us some of her very loved old items to add to ours this year and it made us HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!! (Looking around) I really shouldn't have started watching Duck Dynasty...hehe...can't keep that phrase outa me head now.

I was so afraid that we weren't going to have our big tree this year...I kinda had a meltdown due to the fact that the top was bent so badly that I couldn't straighten it out AND I couldn't find the gosh darn tree stand that went with it. I mean, ya can't put up a 8ft tree without a stand. Well, I guess I could have if I could have talked the Chazman into standing there and holding it up. For some reason he wouldn't even consider it.  The Mister got in from work the day I pulled everything out and fixed the top (it still leans just a bit but that's alright) and he had been using the stand to hold our backyard umbrella up. Go figure!!

Since you're here visiting why not let me show you our 2013 Christmas decorations......well...come on!!!!!

This is what you see when you walk in our front door. Welcome to Regi's B&B. It's not really a B&B but some family and friends refer to it as that because I have it fixed up into a cute lil room for company. I don't always serve breakfast so keep that in mind if planning on visiting. ^_^

Since the B&B was originally a porch, there is another front door to go through and that takes you into our family & dining room. (old house so the two are one big room)

If you want to print a Believe banner just go and visit 
At Second Street. You will LOVE her many
awesome ideas, recipes and she has the cutest family.

I LOVE using my ooaks (one of a kind sculpts) in my decorating. You can see Red, the painting elf sitting on the left side of the mantel and Daddy's Santa on the right. He is one VERY special ooaks and if this is your first time visiting me here then please click on Daddy's Santa and go read all about why he is so special.

This is the dining room part of the family/dining room. The phone table is all decorated too and it's looking Beary nice, don't ya think? I got to use another of my Santa ooaks and this one I'm probably not going to sale. The Chazman really likes it and wants to keep it. See the pretty small cloth on the table with the Christmas bulbs on it....well...that's a sample piece of upholstery. You can use anything when decorating and SEE....the tree doesn't lean to much either. Ohh just turn your head a bit to the side and ya can't even tell at all. We love our little Christmas village and it's grown about as big as it can unless Momma gets a bigger table. (hint hint)  The Santa is one of the old loved pieces my friend gave us. She knew the Chazman would love him AND he does. Santa sings and dances and you can even hook him up to a cd player and he will sing with it. I will get a video soon so you can see. That is if I don't karate chop his head off. I keep forgetting he's there and when I come from the kitchen back into the room then there he is. He looks like a real person....ok ok...a small person but HEY, I know some short people. (not mentioning any names..hehe)

Most already know that I love to use my vintage images in a frame I have over the sofa during the holidays. That's ANY holiday....from New Years all the way throughout the year to Christmas. The Chazman loves this one...can ya see why? Look closely (click on the photo) now do you see? His name is in "The Book". Well, the good boy book of course!! He thinks I found this image with his name already there. I'm not going to tell him that I photo shopped. (shhhhhh, some things are better just left alone, ri iight?)

 The little bear is holding mistletoe and we all know
what your suppose to do when walking under it.
Aren't I sneaky? I mean everyone goes in the kitchen.

Of course the kitchen gets decorated too....every counter..hehe  I love my collection of Christmas mugs on the shelves. There again...I need more room!!  The wreath is one I made with vintage Santa mugs along with mugs for each of my boys that represent their first Christmases. Sitting on the tall table is another of my Santa ooaks. See..they are good for decorating with. (another hint hint..hehe) I also made some new signs to hang. I used the backs of my vintage tin signs that I have hanging every day. The walls just looked way to nekkid without them being  up. I used more vintage images and even some old Christmas cards and sheet music I had. Like I can use just about anything to decorate with.

 Vintage sheet music image, Santa image, some garland and I added
the words "I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus"

Top sign has scrapbook paper as background
with one of our old Christmas cards and I
printed out the words

Second one has green construction paper, vintage
sheet music and old Christmas card.

The Chazman has his room decorated too. Another gift from our friend is his little tree. It's fiber optic and spins and he LOVES it. It has fallen over a few times (poor thing is missing a leg) but we finally found a way to keep it propped up and NOT topple over anymore. Ohhhh the Southern redneck way of doing things..hehe...we used some of his old game cases. HEY...they work!!!

Our decorations may not be elaborate or fancy but they make my child Happy Happy (I will not add the last Happy..hehe) and that's what counts. I kinda like them myself and now I can sit back and enjoy them!!

Tomorrow I'm working on some of my chenille bump ornies for our trees. I only have one left of the original ones but that's alright. I LOVE making them and I will have to stop once I get enough for our trees because I have other projects that need to be started and finished before Christmas day. Like a new wreath made with (drum roll please) a swimming noodle and coffee filters. Yeppers, ya read that right. If any one would be interested in a "How To" just let me know and I will post one for you. After that I have some bracelet holders to make using (another drum roll ppplease) toilet tissue holders, old CD, scrapbook paper and/or fabric pieces. HEHE, ya read that one right too. Again, if anyone would be interested in a "How To" just let me know. 

Until next time.........HUGS,


  1. What do you mean you don't serve breakfast?! It's my favorite meal of the day---'cause it's QUIET. My but you have a LOT of decorations! That must have taken all day! I LOVE the tour! I thought I had a lot of Christmas stuff, sheesh! YES, I would love to see a how you plan on making that wreath. .. all your 'how to's' are fun. I like those.

  2. Well....I did say sometimes...hehe. Thank you about our decorations and THANK YOU for visiting!!!

    I will post the How To just for you and thank you for the compliment...I love to share with others and really love it when they are able to use one for themselves.