Sunday, December 15, 2013

Little mermaid is ready for her close up..hehe

Close up...well I said she was ready!!

I had so much fun making this for my niece for Christmas. I hope she likes her and will take care of her. Of course, she is still at that rough and tumble stage...can't decide if she is a tomboy or a little princess..most days she's both..hehe!! So we will see.

I made her scales out of stretchy purple cording so that they could hold the barrettes easily. Just clip them on and clip them off. Depending on the size of the bows it can actually hold about 7. I posted the three I made her and there will be one more but it's already in it's lil box. (New here? Would you like to make your own cute lil gift boxes? Click HERE) The little fishies bubbles can hold single hair twist and she can even hang a few on the shell. I just love my broken shells...they are just as pretty as the whole ones. If this one makes it through her "tomboy" stage and she actually starts wearing hair bows more than every so often then I will make her a bigger one. I am blessed to have a friend that turns into my muse at times and has no idea she does (until I tell her..hehe) She was telling me about these little dolls she made a long time ago that had long braids that you could attach bows to. Well....why in the world didn't I think of that with this one? Ohh man...V8 moment, ri iight?? The next one I make will have yarn hair instead of the paper hair and I will make several long braided strands so that they can be used as holders too. Hmmmmmm, Capt Jack (ummmmm..Johnny Depp just popped in there too) What were we talking about? Thinking thinking...OH braids. Sorry, kinda got distracted there. I will make the braids like Capt Jack's,  with shells and trinkets too. 

These are the hair bows or accessories I made her. The top one is the one already in it's little box. The bottom one WAS one of my hemp/yarn bracelets. Things have a way of starting out as one thing and turning out into something completely different. I think it looks really cute as a hair barrette now. The pretty burgundy one with the pearl button in the middle I so love and it can be worn with a pretty dress or even with jeans and a tshirt. Princess or tomboy times..hehe  It's just pretty!! I wanted to let ya'll know if you make hair barrettes that I have found the perfect backing for them. Nicole's beadbacking!! It's great for this kinda project and any project where you need a sturdy yet workable/sewable/glueable backing. Keep her in mind for your next project!! She has an awesome blog herself and should go visit. Really...GO!! Well...after you finish here first of course. ^_^

Now that I'm finished with all of my nieces gifts, I'm going to start on the teachers gifts. The Chazman gets out of school next Friday so I need to get busy busy busy!!! Ohhhhhh (looking around) I have to work on one of his gifts next week too while he is in school. I'm making him a baby dragon. He loves dragons almost as much as his momma does....almost!! HEHE He still proudly has his Seadragon I made him last year on his shelf so that he can see it while playing his games. 


Until next time.....Hugs,

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  1. She turned out NICELY! I hadn't realized how big she was till now, but she is a pretty good size. Mermaids bearing gifts: my favorite kind. I think I am partial to the barrette with the button in the center, but I like the one with the face too----you know how I am about faces! :)

    I am always honored to know that I can be a muse to you sometimes! <3