Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Happy December...Are YOU ready?

Oops....just how did December sneak up on me so fast? HEHE....I love this time of year but am soooo not ready for it....not by a long shot!! How about YOU?

Thanksgiving was a wonderful time....spent it with friends and family. Got to see both of my sisters and their families...something we haven't done in some time and of course we spent time with the Mister's family as well. Love those nieces, nephews and **GULP** great nieces and nephews. Yes, I'm I'm nieces and nephews just started really young..HA!!

I have been putting up our Christmas decorations or at least trying to. I have the flu...nasty lil bugger!! I'm not one to complain or let anything get in my way when it comes to decorating but I have to admit, it has slowed me down. I will get it done though...I have 20 days to go. (that means there are only 20 days remaining until Christmas....just in case you were wondering)

Until next time...........Hugs,

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