Monday, November 18, 2013

Got the Monday Blues...oh yeahhhh!!!

Well, it's a Monday....any and every which way ya look at it. It's humid and rainy and dreary and WAIT...what am I complaining for? The good LORD let me wake up this Monday morn so it's a very good day....a very good day indeed. ^_^

It IS humid AND dreary this morning and the perfect weather to stay inside and that's just what I'm going to do. It won't be wasted time, although a small horizontal pause might be good. Would that be wasted time?  No time for that...hehe...I'm going to be making my paper boxes and pompom bows for all the wristlets I've made. That's going to take some time...whew!! I'm also going to work on making some pocket pouches for some hair accessories I made for the program too. Yes Yes I will be making them out of toilet tissue holders. Stop laughing...ya'll know how much I love to recycle!! Ohhh, here are the hair barrettes I made yesterday.
STOP the laughing already...will ya?  HAHA If they don't work then I will use cardstock. Happy now ^_^

Until next time...........HUGS,

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