Thursday, November 21, 2013

WARNING: Glue gun glue is HOT HOT HOT!!

YOWIE.....glue gun glue lives up to it's name...HOT HOT HOT!!! I think I get more on me than I do the project I'm working on. HEHE and OUCH!!

I worked on cutting out the rest of my vintage Christmas images (yes I found some more I had been hording hiding) yesterday and started putting some together. These are the simplest ornies to make and look so cute hanging on a tree or wreath or swag or whatever. If the Chazman would stand still long enough I might would even hang one off his ears!!

A few I made as pairs...I mean you can't have a snowball fight with just one and some snow people (that's the political way to way snowmen cause all aren't MEN..hehe) just look even better with Santa hanging with em.

Aren't these two just adorable? They are both armed with a big snowball (glass bead) and ready for the next round. I love how the little girl one is eyeing her opponent and he just has no clue that she has her snowball ready to fly!!

Let's all sing along with this one...."There she is.....Miss Snow person queen". ^_^  OK yes, I've probably had my quota of coffee for the week day. I just loved the snow woman wearing the pretty Christmas tree as a crown and thought of a story of she and Santa delivering gifts and trees to all the animals in the forest. Yes, yes...I know you are thinking "Hey Regi...there are already trees in a forest". I mean decorated ones. ^_^

Now every tree, wreath, or swag (giving you ideas of where you could use these sweet vintage ornies) needs an angel or two. I so wish that glitter would show up better in photos. Pooh and bother!!!! Both angels wings glitter so lovely in the light.....they really do!!

Now this Santa didn't want a partner...he felt he could stand alone all on his own. For some reason the song "I'm to sexy for my" just popped into my head. Yes yes wayyyy to much coffee!! For this Santa I made a felt hood and small felt cap. The wagon is one of my vintage images and it too has red and green glitter that isn't showing up in the photo very well but it's there. Honest!!

Now...I'm off to make some more. I'm addicted to making these and now I so remember why I haven't made any in such a long time. It's because once I get started I don't want to STOP!!! I could also make some for Easter.....St Patty's Day....Valentine's and ohhhh so many holidays more!! Muahahahaha!!!

Until next time...........Hugs,


  1. Wow, you are REALLY on a roll! Those angel ornies are especially pretty! I can see how pretty some of these would be as Valentine's too---those would be gorgeous too. Very 'vintage-y'. ..

  2. I really enjoyed your coffee powered post Regina! Your little ornaments are adorable. Once in awhile I do the same thing. I remember a series I used to do and then start it all over again. I also say to myself "why haven't I made these for such a long time?"
    It seems there will be a good market for them since they are smaller and probably more afordable. It's all about the money these days isn't it? A good thought is that if you don't sell them, you will at least have those treasures for your own tree and to hand down to your children.