Sunday, November 24, 2013

Yes Yes...I'm still working on my ornies. I just can't STOPPPP!!!

No time for many words today...I'm working working working...hehehe  Hope you're having a great afternoon. Thank you for stopping by...I so LOVE my friends coming to sit under the old ooaks tree.

Now....some pics to share and then back to work!! (my muse is such a slave driver these days....geez)

Quick...while the slave driver isn't looking...hehe...if you see any here you would like to have, they are for sale. One reason I'm so busy busy busy...I have some orders..YEAH!!! They are either $4 or $5 each (depending on some of the items used with them) I ship Priority mail (small box $5.80) so that there is a tracking number and insurance provided. Several will fit in a box!! OK slave drivers back...have a good one.

Until next time.........Hugs,

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