Thursday, November 14, 2013

Santa looks like a biker dude!!!

WOW...another chilly morning here on the suppose to be warm southern coast.  I'm not complaining AT ALL about it either. I do love chilly small doses. hehe

I have been waking up rather early in the mornings and this morning was no exception. The house was quiet and that's a great time to work on my projects. Ya know right now it's Santa. Yesterday I put part of his coat together, got the pearl buttons sewn on and trimmed around the bottom in fur (faux fur)  This morning I cut out his hat, sewed it up and trimmed it in fur. After I took a WIP photo for my post I thought to myself, "Santa looks kinda like a biker dude".  LOL  Hmmmm....that might be a future ooaks!!

I plan on getting  him completed this morning. Since the Mister is at work now and the Chazman has been taken to school...the house is again....quiet!! Well, as quiet as it can be with my two furbabies sitting here either snoring or dreaming of a caught mouse and licking their lips...ROFL  I was actually able to get a good one of Boo this morning. She normally turns away from me or hides when she sees the camera but not this morning. Gotcha ya!!!  Well not ya as in you but ya as in her. Ohhh ya'll know what I meant!!

Her fur is soooo black that it's hard to see her. Sooo black in some areas that it actually looks red. She is a love though and I'm so happy that she and her companion Callie adopted us.

Now....time for more coffee and work, work, work. I hope that your day will be a great one. Do something FUN today!!

Until next time...........Hugs,

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  1. Adorable, as usual. I heard it snowed at Wilmington Beach, not far from you I think. That is a very early snow! Wonder what the winter holds in store for us? I love black cats too Regina.