Sunday, November 3, 2013

WIP photos on the latest Santa ooaks!!

Santa is a Happy man!! He is getting his clothes today or at least a shirt and some pants. Good timing to because it was a chilly 48 this morning and it's still only 55 now. HEY...don't laugh...that's cold here in my world. I mean I do live in a Southern coastal town. ^_^

I love going through my fabrics and finding just the right Santa ones. I really need to go through my stash and pull out all the vintage ones just for him. A sweet friend gave me a just perfect for that chest of drawers. I know.....I have some amazing friends. She even put some fabric in the drawers for me. Now, let's talk about the pile in the photo, shall we???  The top one is going to be his pull over sweater. I know that once he is completely dressed you will only be able to see a small portion of it and I guess because of that I could just make a dickey BUT I like him to be "dressed". That's just how I roll though....I'm quirky like that!! The next is a  beautiful faux burgundy velvet and that's going to be his pants, britches, pantaloons..hehe. The next one is going to be his coat and hood. The faux fur I will use to trim his hood. Can ya see the little yoyos poking out next? I'm going to sew them on top of the burgundy crushed velvet to make a lap blanket. I will probably use that to make his toy bag too. I forgot to post the fabric for his boots. It will be felt of course. I love making Santa's boots!!

Now...I need to get busy. I think Santa is shivering...HAHA!! Have an awesome Sunday and thank you for stopping by for a visit.

Until next time...........Hugs,


  1. Santa is so happy he's going to get some clothes - lol! It's chilly here, too (but we kind of expect it). Stay warm, Santa! Make him some cocoa! xo

  2. Looks like he is really coming together! I really like the fabric choices---very Santa-like! His little sleigh looks perfect for his big nights---you know, for all those time zones and crossing the International date line. . . Just saying!