Monday, November 4, 2013

Santa? Where's your pants? hehehe

Happy Happy Monday morning!!! It's the beginning of a glorious new week and one that I hope for you is filled with many amazing adventures. Get that coffee going and get YOUR day started!!

Well well seems that Santa can't locate his pants...hehehe. Thank goodness he does have his underclothes on. Silly Santa!!

It was a rather lazy day for the family yesterday (the Mister and the Chazman never got out of their pjs...that kinda day) so I worked on Santa all day. I just love how his sweater turned out and his pants and his boots. OK OK I love all of his outfit.  ^_^

I really like making the felt boots and so wish I could make me a pair to wear. They look so comfy!! I may just have to try it one day, eh? They really aren't hard to me show you

The first thing I do is place Santa's foot on a piece of cardstock and trace around it...trying to keep the lines neat. Why neat? Because this is your pattern to cut the sole out and the piece that will give the bottom more support. Next I take the felt (usually about 4 inches long and perhaps 4 inches across. Don't ya just luv how I measure things..hehe) and place it on top of the foot and up the leg to where I want the boot top to be. Clip it at the top to mark it and then clip it on the sides. You want to make sure that you leave enough room that the toe part comes over the entire toe area and that you have the sides down to touch the bottom of the foot.

 Like this!!

You will want to round out the toe makes it easier to work with. (or not...whichever is easiest for you to work with)  Place the tongue on the top of the foot and fold the toe area down and stitch it on either side then place the sole on the foot (be careful..sometimes Santa is ticklish..hehe) with the cardstock in between the sole and foot. You can also use glue instead of sewing but I'm REALLY messy with glue. REALLY!!! Start doing a blanket stitch from about where the ankle would be all around to the other side. 

For the top wrap section I normally use about a 7 inch piece of felt and wrap that around the leg. You do NOT want to wrap it needs to be loose. Once you get the size you need make sure you leave about an inch so that you can cut your angles on the sides. The reason for the angles is that once you put it on the foot over the tongue felt it will angle itself. Turn the wrap inside out and stitch up the back seam. Turn it right side out and place over the sole and tongue pieces. Let the front angle like a real leather boot does and then starting at the back seam do a blanket stitch all the way around. For the angled part in the front I normally put a few hidden stitches in to hold it in place. That's the one great thing about working with felt and the same color goes invisible!! Now you have a pair of boots. I're thinking "Hey Regi...there is still a piece missing from the pattern photo" and you would be right. The boots will look good just like they are but I like to add a braided piece all around the seam areas. It just gives them more style!!

Now...on to making his cape and hood and hopefully his sleigh blanket. I hope that YOU have some wonderful projects planned for today. I would love to know all about them. Share a link in the comment section so we can come and visit you right back. 

Until next time..........Hugs,

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  1. Oh my gosh, so glad he's got his pants now! He looks like a happy fellow. You do great at sharing your little how to's----always interesting to read!