Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Santa and the Vintage Ceramic Sleigh

Santa is getting on up in years or should I say centuries....many many centuries. His cape and hood keep him warm as he delivers the gifts on Christmas Eve in his old vintage sleigh.. Mrs. Claus, however, wants to make sure he stays TOASTY warm on that cold wintery night.  A deep rich burgundy lap throw she made just for him, hand stitched with one of her bright primitive snowflakes with magical ice crystals attached that will reflect the Northern lights in the sky as Santa flies by. Santa is so pleased with his own special gift that he waves as he begins his journey to deliver all the presents to the good boys and girls on this Christmas Eve night.

This one of a kind sculpt (ooaks) is hand sculpted without the use of any molds. He has been detailed using acrylic paints, lambswool (sheared) for his hair and beard and vintage fabrics for his cape/hood. He has a strong wire armature underneath a fully wrapped yarn body or underclothing as I call it. ^_^  The sleigh he is riding in is truly a vintage ceramic piece. The lap throw is crushed velvet with a satin backing. The snowflake is one of my primitive embroidered designs. Small prism crystals are attached to each point of the snowflake. His bag is made from the same crush velvet and holds a sweet little rabbit, a big book, a wooden ladder truck, a gift bag filled with tiny goodies, a flocked teddy bear a tiny wrapped gift box and a soccer ball. (I think he has both boys and girls covered, eh?)  He sits right at 9 inches. (the highest point being his fingertips on his waving hand) Santa and his bag are permanently attached to the sleigh.

I so enjoy designing and making my whimsical characters and I think Santa is my favorite. If you have been following along on my other WIP (work in progress) post of this piece then I'm fairly sure you are wondering why I made the sweater, pants and boots for him when no one will ever see them. Well...if they come here they can see the photos.  I make my characters fully clothed no matter if they will be seen or not because I know they are dressed. Silly I know but that's just me!!!

If you are interested in this piece please leave a comment with your email addy and I will contact you. The price for this piece is $75.oo plus travel fare. (that's shipping..hehe)  Thank you for following along with me and all my whimsical designing.

Until next time............Hugs,

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  1. It's definitely not 'silly' to have a fully dressed Santa you know, I kind of think he prefers that! You are making me want to dig out an old partial figure from YEARS back. I didn't understand about making figures of any kind back then---and the 'directions' were a bit lacking as it was a magazine article, I think.