Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"Coz every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man."

Good Morning!!! Nothing better than starting your day off with a catchy tune, ri iight?? I just LOVE, love the group ZZ Top and their song  "Sharp Dressed Man" just seemed to fit Santa to a tee.

I worked on Santa's cape and hood most of yesterday. I think making this part of the costume is my favorite thing to do because it is a pattern that my mom and I designed some 25+ years ago together. It almost feels as though she is with me during this part. Oh Oh OHHHH...I was able to get my sewing machine to working which made making the cape so much easier and faster. I think I must have a group of pixies in the studio. I mean they could have let me get the machine running when I was making the fabric Tooth Faerie assistants, eh? Now that I have completely gone off on another subject, what were we talking about? Oh yes...the cape!!

I know I said in an earlier post that I was going to use fur on his cape but while hunting for the right color thread (ya know ya just have to have the right one...so it hides those seams..hehe) I found this AWEsome piece of trim. I was so excited...it matched perfectly...so I used it!!

After I finished with the cape part it was time to give Santa his signature head of hair and beard. This part I always get the giggles doing because....well....let's just say that I probably get more hair on my fingers than I do on Santa. HAHAHA or should I say HOHOHO!!!  I shake my hands trying to get the hair free and discovered that I soooo shouldn't do that because Boo thought I was wanting to play and she pounced on me. Yes, yes...I had to take a timeout and play with her so she would let me get back to work. Silly cat!!

Sorry about the quality pic.....tt was dark thirty at the time..hehe

While his hair and beard were drying (and I was trying to get all the glue and hair off of me) I worked on the hood part of his cape. I added the same trim around it and it really makes this probably one of my favorite capes ever. Momma would love it too!!!

Now that Santa is all ready to go, I have to work on his lap blanket and his toy bag today. I'm hoping to get those finished this morning so that I can start on another Santa ooaks. My muse has been whispering about either Santa with a child in his lap pulling his beard or one that has gotten his candy cane stuck in his beard.

Until next time.........Hugs,

Pssst....make sure you click on the link above (Sharp Dressed Man) because it will take you to one ROCKING station you can enjoy on here for free!!

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