Friday, November 1, 2013

Say bye bye to October and HELLOOOO to November!! about time swooshing on by. Where in the blue blazes did the month of October go? I didn't really want it to swoosh on by so fast.....because...well...I love Halloween and that's in the month of October and now it's gone. Bye Bye Bye!! HEHE  Before I completely let it go though...I wanted to show ya'll the Halloween makeup on the Chazman ummm I mean Jeff.....Jeff the Killer!!! He was so excited that some folks guessed who he was. Now.....Bye Bye October 2013!!

All the Halloween decorations are down and the Fall decorations are up in their place. I need to get some more Fall/Thanksgiving decorations, I really do!! Let's take a walk through and see what I DO have...shall we?

Welcome, welcome and Happy Fall ya'll. I've had this cute little wooden sign for what seems like forever. I bought it at (drum roll please) yard sale. That's one of the reasons I love to go junk treasure hunting because ya just never know what you'll find. This little sign was in great shape. It was just missing the hanger and that was an easy peasy fix. I just added some fall garland and "Well-La" pretty door sign!!

Our fireplace is the focal point in our family room and I love to decorate what little space the mister lets me. I mean...I can't block his big screen for heaven's sake. (well...actually, I could but I don't want to hear all the grumbling that it will cause..hehe) At least I have two corners and the front I can decorate, ri iight?? On the left corner are our little harvest bears and on the right is my little blackberry thief umm I mean faerie that I made several years ago. I love decorating with my ooaks. It's hard to let some of them go live with others because of it too but I do give a few up. Don't you just love the "Give Thanks" banner?  I found it at a blog called "At Second Street" and she even posted the letters for free and a tutorial on making one yourself. (just click on the blog name and go for a visit) I really liked hers better because she printed hers off on brown cardstock. I didn't have brown cardstock, I only had white cardstock so I used white. (next year I will print it off on brown..oh yes I will) Once I had my letters printed off I colored them in with orange and added a tiny bit of green. I made an extra card to attached my bow so it would flow right along with all the other letters.

Our dining area and like I said, I don't have a lot of Fall/Thanksgiving decorations but I put a few here and there to make up for it and I couldn't forget this side of the room. (Our family area and dining area are one BIG area together) I'm thinking of printing off some vintage Thanksgiving images and making some vintage signs with them to replace some of my tin signs. I did make a small wreath and hung it on the wall. ^_^

The Chazman has decided that he wants me to start decorating big bear for every holiday. So here is Chief Big Bear..HA!! That's a real bear tooth hanging down on the hemp rope. Hmmmmm....a bear wearing a bear tooth. Is that even right? Oh is for now!! I had a beautiful ceramic pumpkin that I was going to sit next to him but remembered that it "somehow" got broken a few months ago. The ghost broke it I guess because no one would own up to it. I mean there's only three of us in the house and I know that I didn't do it. Perhaps some treasure hunting will turn another one up. ^_^

My last decoration to show you...I promise. This frame hangs over the sofa and I love switching out the images in it for every holiday that comes along. It's rainy here so the photo came out fairly dark and when I lightened it up it got to grainy. Here's a better image so you can could even print it off and use it yourself.

So that's the tour...thank you for following along. I hope that you will come back often to visit. You are always welcome!! Now...time to work on a Santa and a few other projects before November flies on by too.

Until next time..........Hugs,

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