Saturday, November 16, 2013

Santa and the Antique Toys.

Most think of Santa as that "little old driver, so lively and quick" as the old stories go....but....he truly is the one and only original elf. The ONE, the TOYMAKER, the MASTER himself.

He carved out of wood or hammered and nailed some amazing toys that I can guarantee never sat on a shelf.

He read all the letters of each little child and took his designing with all that in mind. There were little carved trucks for the good lil boys and hand stitched dollies for all the lil sweet girls.

There were even some pull toys made with love and care, like elephants and tigers and polar bears. Beware!

The toy that Santa favored and loved the most of all was a sweet lil elf he hide in a box. A box with a crank that would turn in a circle...would make the elf POP and make the children all giggle.

Santa the toymaker we should never forget or his amazing antique toys that throughout the years have brought joy to so so many girls and boys.

That little old driver so lively and quick is one to BELIEVE in whatever his hat. Elf or toymaker, he's in our hearts from childhood to adulthood. What else could be better than believing in that!!

Santa and the Antique toys are one of Southern Ooaks original designs. Sculpted by hand without the use of any molds are his head, hands and feet. A strong wire armature underneath with a body wrapped in wool yarn. His hair and beard are sheared lambswool. His costume made from vintage fabrics. Some toys were found here and there and some were hand sculpted with love and care.

This Santa has  been adopted and is going to live with a wonderful family. I hope they have as much joy with him during the Christmas holidays as I did designing and sculpting him. Safe travels Santa!!!!

Until next time.........Hugs,

I some how didn't do a story for this ooaks when he was originally done so now he has one....whew...I feel better!!

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  1. Hmmmn, well now I wonder just who could have adopted him. . . Heheheheeeee! Yay! He's got a story now! He will be happy here and we promise not to keep him from his work----well, we might complain just a tiny bit if his hammering and tinkering gets too loud. You know, I bet no one knows how to putter better than Santa!