Saturday, November 16, 2013

Doing the twist this weekend..WOOHOO!!!

Happy Happy Saturday!! I think we all should be dancing....doing the twist like we did last summer baby..hehe  OK OK I don't really mean doing the dance twist but the hemp rope twist....tying knots...MACRAME!!!  I love to sit and macrame and today is the perfect day for it. Overcast and little bit on the humid side. 83% worth of humid...ohhh the joys of living in the South but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else...well...ok...the mountains might be nice.

I started working on some of my twisted hemp rope bracelets last week to donate to the Baldwin County Christmas Angel program. It's a great project to do sitting in the car waiting to pick up the Chazman from school. I plan on getting several more made today and then make some of my paper boxes to put them in and then of course make some of my pompom ties to put on top of the boxes. (click HERE to see my HOW TO post on making these) It's going to be a FUN day....if I don't get myself all tied up in knots...hehehe!!!

This bottom one I did several months back and I'm adding it to the programs gifts. This one and the red and black one are for girls most definitely but I think all the others could be worn by either a girl or a boy, yes?

Until next time...........Hugs,


  1. I'm REALLY liking that red one with the dragon, oh, and that red one with the turtle, ooooooh, and one looks like Christmas berries! I do love red. . . I like them, I like them!

  2. Those are pretty and very popular these days. I like the dragon one best. Thanks for visiting my blog today!

  3. Those look wonderful! I would love them and my children would too :) Love this post so much! Stopping by from SITSsharefest :)