Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bump Bump!!!

Well...all of the gifts for the Baldwin County Christmas Angel program are wrapped and ready to be picked up. I placed tags on each one of what was inside the box...who it was for (girl or boy) and the appropriate age to receive the gift. I so hope all the kiddos like their gifts from me ummm I mean Santa!!! I know that it so warms my heart to know that I could do my part to help make Christmas a bit brighter for them. I have to admit that it's been a bit harder to work on them this year because the Chazman has been full of questions. Why and for who was I making all of these? I do NOT lie to my child so it's been difficult to tell him why and who without telling him the whole answer. Why, you ask? The Chazman still "BELIEVES" in Santa and I'm going to let him keep that magic for as long as he can!! I have told him that I am making gifts for Ms Sue to give to some children she sponsors. Not a lie because it's true....just not the complete story!!! I can be smart when I have to be...whew!!

Today's project.....I love making my chenille vintage ornies and that's what I'm working on....right now...well...not RIGHT now because I'm visiting with YOU but after we finish our visit. hehe  Here's what my ummm messy work area looks like:

I warned ya it was messy!! I have been banned to the dining room to work due to the fact that Ms Boo feels
it is her responsibility, obligation and right to lay right on top of my work and grab my hands so I can NOT work. She knows not to jump up on the table but I just can't teach her that my studio desk is not a horizontal pause station. CATS!!!!

I don't know if I told ya'll this but someone hacked my Southerooaks mail account a few months back and that was so.....Argggg...frustrating and aggravating!! I had my email addy on my business card and so needed to get some new ones. With the holidays coming, I'm saving money whenever I can so buying new ones just weren't in the budget. Yesterday while pulling out some of my vintage sheets I found my folder of Avery business card paper. I had totally forgotten that I had them. I found them at a yard treasure sale a few
months back for only .50. Can ya believe that? Fifty cents for an unopened pack of business card papers? I was soooo happy!!! I snatched  ummmm I mean nicely picked them up and paid the lady. I opened them up
yesterday and followed the instructions and to my amazement discovered that Avery offers templates you can use for free. FREE is always good!! (Click HERE if you are interested in the link) You can use your own designs too and I plan on going back and making a few for the different holidays with some of my ooaks on them. (Santa, witches...ya know) Have to get a new ink cartridge first...I'm always
running out of ink for some reason...hehe  Now where was I...oh templates. I found one that I just fell in love with. What grows on oak trees? ACORNS!! Yes, I found one with acorns and pretty colorful ones too.

Cute, ri iight? I did a front and back and it was soooo easy. If you need business cards, labels ohhh just about anything you need to print, go and check them out. This was the best fifty cents I ever spent!!!!!

Until next time............Hugs,


  1. You are a wonderful person, making all those gifts for the children. Big hugs to you.
    Gosh, wasn't it lucky that you had those card blanks? And you found such a cute design, well done. xxx

  2. You have the heart of an angel and the spirit of goodness.
    Ohhhh I stopped putting my phone number and email on my business cards back in the mid 1990s. I was getting phone calls at all house of the night and morning. Then the hacking thing. Now they can go to my website and email me from there.
    I had my B-Cs made one time then started making them myself. I am with you much cheaper and you get exactly what you want.
    These are perfect for you.