Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Crystal, the sleeping beauty mermaid

In Private collection
Crystal loves to explore the ocean floor for treasures. Some are given from the ocean itself, some are lost from the humans that sail on it. She has a special place she hides her treasures and naps to rest up for her next exploration.

Crystal is a fully sculpted ooaks made from Cernit clay. She has a strong wire armature underneath. Her face is hand painted using acrylic paints. Her tail is painted using fine MICA powders. Her hair is pulled wool. Her tiny headpiece is made from tiny pearls and she wears a tiny crystal around her neck. She is adorned with tiny "water" beads. She sits in a real shell that is surrounded by tiny real shells and actual pearls and is attached to a wooden base that is covered in white german glass.

Thank you for you interest and taking the time to look. Hugs, Regi

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